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The other side of the 2-sided security coin

In the world of IT, the word security usually drums up thoughts of ransomware, phishing, hacktivists, or perhaps the uninformed, well-meaning employee who clicks open a file from a malicious, unknown sender. It’s more than that, of course, especially if you ask a data center and colocation provider with 28 data centers covering over 50 countries. No question, the aforementioned are tremendous concerns, but when you have tens of millions of dollars in equipment that is protecting, transporting and storing customers’ vital, valuable data, the word security encompasses far more that 1’s and 0’s. For this GDT client, video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems also took center stage.

Who else would you turn to?

There are several things customers learn when working with GDT, not the least of which is the can-do, customer-first philosophy shared by its over 750 employees spread around the globe. Along with employing the very best, brightest, and most tenured engineers and solutions architects in the industry, GDT’s customer-first focus is one of the many reasons it has earned and enjoyed double digit growth each of the past 10 years.


This long-time GDT client knew it firsthand. They were moving their headquarters to a larger location, and they required new, upgraded solutions for intrusion detection and video surveillance, access control and their intercom system. They had worked with GDT for years, so turning to their physical security experts was second nature.


After GDT’s physical security team conducted interviews with the client and performed a comprehensive site survey, GDT was able to determine all materials that would be required and any site preparation that would be needed.


After the initial kick-off call, GDT’s Project Management team created and managed a detailed project schedule, including the coordination of the following:

  • Resource requirements and related scheduling,
  • Regular, ongoing status calls and associated reporting,
  • Risk and issue management,
  • Escalation planning and implementation, and
  • Staging and Shipping logistics.

With the project plan in place, GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team provided the following for each of the client’s needed solutions:

Intrusion and Video Surveillance Systems

On-site cameras were staged and configured, including all necessary server configurations and comprehensive system testing. Intrusion Detection alarms were installed, staged and configured.

Access Control

GDT installed control panels, readers and maglocks. They configured and programmed all access panels, created user roles and related groups, and performed diagnostic testing of all devices. GDT installed and connected door readers, controllers, peripherals and all door lock connections.

Intercom Solution

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team installed, programmed and tested the client’s new video intercom system, and fully integrated it with access control devices for remote release functionality.

In addition to deploying and testing the aforementioned solutions, GDT installed and tested all required cabling.

Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, and so much more

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team consists of professionals who offer and provide customers with a vast arsenal of solutions and services that extend well beyond what the client is currently enjoying. In addition to server enclosures, wireless access points, uninterrupted power and cabling (both copper and fiber), they also provide hot & cold aisle containment for data centers, access control design and implementation, IP-based cameras, control panels, and much more. They are a one-stop shop for physical IT infrastructures, whether for data centers, remote offices, headquarters, or warehouses, even those facing the most challenging climates and conditions.

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