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Customer Stories

As a digital cable and internet service provider, our customer’s business depends upon a scalable, efficient, and reliable technology infrastructure to deliver services at scale. To grow its subscription base, our customer needed to expand and transform their technological capabilities.
Our customer is a major retail chain with over 1,500 locations across the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
Our customer is a well-established financial institution with around 250 branches across the Southern United States.
Our customer is a cellular service carrier with around 115 million customers across the US.
Our customer is a leading convenience store chain with more than 78,000 stores worldwide.
Our customer is a major US developer renowned for its award-winning commercial and residential communities and intelligent, connected experiences. Our customer has a long history of partnering with GDT to design, deploy, and manage networking and wireless projects for their masterplan communities and retail locations.
Our customer’s outdated global network infrastructure was no longer meeting their needs, with gaps in security and data protection, diminished application performance, and subpar ROI on technology investments.
Is your business considering a cloud migration? In this case study, we share how GDT tapped our internal expertise to migrate applications, data, and workloads from two data centers to the cloud, reaping hybrid-cloud benefits like scalability and agility, right-sized performance, DR capabilities, and more.
Our customer’s legacy network infrastructure had outgrown its useful life, lacking the security, reliability, stability, and flexibility needed to support its growing workforce and modern business needs.