Solutions for energy companies

GDT designs and deploys solutions for the Energy Industry that provide the ultimate in scalability, security and resilience.

Innovative solutions that keep up with evolving needs

The energy industry once brought to mind visions of wells drawing fossil fuels from below the Earth’s surface, or mines from which coal was laboriously extracted. Now, it encompasses far more, including solar power, battery-powered automobiles and renewable energy sources. And, few industries have embraced technology and have a need for innovation like the energy industry. Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to name just a few, are revolutionizing strategies and processes to bring products to market faster and grow revenue.

Find out how GDT's Cloud Team does for a utility company what others couldn't

They now meet their speed-to-market KPIs and end users, both internal and external, enjoy a greatly enhanced experience

Connected Healthcare

GDT is helping providers be more responsive and put more focus on health outcomes for patients

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