Cyber Security Solutions

Our Security solutions build security as a core tenet in your business strategy, ensuring your business is protected and your reputation is intact. We do this by building security into every aspect of your environment, from the cloud and data center, all the way to end-point devices. We’ve created solutions to give you the peace of mind to concentrate on exceeding business goals and ambitions.

A flexible infrastructure environment to scale, grow, and innovate

GDT takes a modern cybersecurity mesh approach designed for the distributed enterprise – allowing security to be extended confidently where it is most needed.  The C-suite and Boards of our customers are increasingly security aware and savvy, raising the expectations on the CISO; increased scrutiny, higher expectations, demanding more support and at times with fewer resources.


Our Security Offerings

We focus on increasing your agility to respond optimally to the changing threat landscape and technology ecosystem. We base our results on measurable outcomes utilizing on our proven service delivery models. Our solutions achieve critical business outcomes, including optimizing security operations, controlling costs, and gaining operational confidence. In addition, we can help you improve your security posture, strengthen cyber resilience, manage risk, and demonstrate security due diligence and compliance.


Our Security Advisory and Consulting Services align your security posture and risk profile with your business goals, enabling you to secure your infrastructure, leverage best practices, understand vulnerabilities, and ultimately manage risk. Optimize your security posture by utilizing GDT to provide end-to-end cybersecurity services or augment your existing cybersecurity strategy by leveraging GDT’s flexible services.

SOC as a Service

Our SOC as a Service solution provides your business with peace of mind and protection through seamless integration into your IT and security functions.  This includes the ability to support business-critical audit, reporting, and compliance functions.  Our end-to-end SOC as a Service includes monitoring, log management, threat detection and intelligence, alerting, and reporting.  Through our SOC as a Service, your business can mitigate the complexity and expense of delivering security services in-house.  By utilizing GDT’s 24x7x365 security operations, best-in-class tools, alert logging and resolution, depth of experience/expertise, and proactive maintenance of the supporting platforms and tools, you can mitigate the investments and operational overhead of operating your own SOC while ensuring you are protecting your organization.

Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, is an emerging cybersecurity concept that is the convergence of Wide Area Networking (WAN) with network security services such as Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), NGFW and Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateways (SWG).  These technologies, in aggregate, allow organizations to unify their network and security tools in a single management console.  GDT works with Clients to help them take full advantage of SASE, from initial design through the deployment of new environments to end-to-end management. We leverage several market-leading SASE technologies in our solutions.

Why GDT Services?

Global reach with local expertise

Deep expertise over 26 years of experience

A broad ecosystem with strong industry-leading partnerships

At-scale services, innovation, and expertise

Flexibility to consume services your way through differentiated offerings and simplified consumption models

Ability to position changeable strategy for achieving business goals as new trends, market disruptors, and needs evolve

Track record of delivering lasting value, while ensuring ongoing revenue streams

Deep understanding of your processes, people, and holistic business needs

Deep specialization and domain expertise to help build a solid customer base

Is Your Business Prepared to Recover from a Cyber Event?

You’ve invested in state-of-the-art, end-to-end security solutions. You’ve implemented robust security and privacy policies and outlined best practices. You’ve got monitoring and detection in place at every level and you apply updates as soon as they’re available. You’ve done everything a smart and responsible organization needs to do to safeguard your systems, networks, data, and other assets from cyber threats. Are you prepared to recover?

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