About GDT

As an award-winning, international IT solutions provider, GDT partners with industry-leading OEMs and IT leaders to digitally transform customers’ networks by ensuring they are getting the most out of their technology investments. With our customer-first focus, GDT addresses the unique technological needs of each customer and provides solutions that enhance their networks, increases profitability, and optimizes their user experience.

Bridging the gap between people, technology, and profitablity

With our customer-first focus, GDT addresses the unique technological needs of each customer. Our holistic approach provides their networks with more agility and scalability, helps them with faster times to market, increases profitability, and enhances their end user experience.

Our people who lead the way

Shawn O’Grady

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Mosley

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeffrey Bannister

EVP Enterprise Services

Dave Arcemont

Chief Human Resources Officer

KM Suresh

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Jolly

Chief Technology Officer

The GDT Solution Lifecycle

There’s a reason GDT is known industry-wide as the go-to network and systems integrator. It’s about our people, our processes, and our innovations, all delivered with a one-of-a-kind, customer-first focus that has helped make us a technology thought leader for the past 26 years.


Our solutions architects are known as industry leaders and professionals when it comes to designing innovative solutions that drive business and deliver profitability.


Our tenured and highly talented engineering professionals work closely with our solutions architects to transform ideas into results they were designed to deliver.


We begin every deliverable with the customer’s needs as the end goal in mind. A project solution is not complete until the customer is fully satisfied.


Our team of managed service and security professionals operates, observes, and oversees many of our clients’ networks we access every day.

Why GDT?

GDT was established with one centralized goal: to deliver innovative, business-driving solutions with a customer-first focus. This has allowed GDT to excel in the IT world, where we have earned countless industry distinctions and awards and gained the trust of our customers, many of whom are the most noteworthy enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations, and government agencies in the world.

Global reach with local expertise

26 + years heritage

A broad ecosystem with strong industry-leading partnerships

At-scale services, innovation, and expertise

Flexibility to consume services your way through differentiated offerings and simplified consumption models

Ability to position changeable strategy for achieving business goals as new trends, market disruptors, and needs evolve

Track record of delivering lasting value, while ensuring ongoing revenue streams

Deep understanding of your processes, people, and holistic business needs

Deep specialization and domain expertise to help build a solid customer base

Strategic Partnerships

Insights from our Experts

We believe our people are the key to our success

Despite our ever-growing global footprint, we are one team working towards the common goal of solving customers’ complex business needs. As a result, you are embraced with the same sense of collaboration, winning energy, and growth-focused mindset no matter where you connect with us globally.