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Software & Support Services

Transform software and maintenance contracts into strategic enablers that accelerate business outcomes through GDT’s comprehensive buying models, resources, platforms, and lifecycle services.

Do More with Your Software and Maintenance Agreements

Make the most of your multi-technology software subscriptions and maintenance contracts. GDT partners with you to custom-build agreements that directly support your business objectives and fuel value. You’ll get expert resources, platforms, and lifecycle services to identify the best options for your business needs and expedite time-to-value, control costs, mitigate risk, and streamline operations.

Unrivaled Business Value

  • Implement the best technologies for your IT demands and roadmap.
  • Elevate business outcomes with strategic buying models.
  • Right-size your technology estate.
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility and control across the IT asset lifecycle.


Lifecycle Management

Seamless onboarding and adoption across software and maintenance contracts

Strategic Buying Models: Enterprise Agreements

Transform software and maintenance contracts into EAs that do more for your business

GDT Asset Management Platform

End-to-end visibility, insights, and control across your technology estate

Additional Support Services

Services which complement your software and maintenance contracts

Lifecycle Management

Seamless Onboarding and Adoption across Software and Maintenance Contracts

Adoption Services

Designated Customer Success Manager
Adoption Support & Insights
Training & Workshops

Contract Management

MACD Monitoring
Client User Management
Site Validation Cleanup
Software Consumption Insights

Renewal Management

Dedicated Support Team
Proactive Renewal Notifications
Contract Optimization & Consolidation

Asset Management

Hardware, Software, & EA Insights
Vendor API Integrations
Full Install Base Management

Lifecycle Consulting

Current state assessment
Cost reduction strategies
Consolidation & simplification
Optimization recommendations

Adoption Services

Maximize software adoption
Accelerate value realization
Comprehensive lifecycle support
Designated success team

Contract Management

Dedicated support resources
Proactive contract notifications
Enhance operational efficiencies
Ongoing optimization

Comprehensive Visibility

HW & SW management
Vendor API integration
Fully automated insights
Customizable reporting

Transform Technology Investments into Business Differentiators

Harness the full potential of your software and maintenance contracts, including enterprise agreements (EAs). GDT delivers a comprehensive suite of Lifecycle Management services to help you transform your multi-technology investments into true business differentiators.

Partner with a Dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM)

As partners committed to your success, your dedicated CSM works closely with you to align your business needs with custom solutions to help you control costs, minimize risk, streamline operations, and fuel business outcomes. Tap CSM insights and expertise to make informed decisions that maximize your IT investments and grow your business.

Save Money and Optimize ROI

Get actionable insights into software consumption trends and recommendations around adoption strategies and use cases to support your business objectives. You’ll also benefit from cost predictability. With GDT tooling and processes, the days of unexpected cost overruns associated with your purchases are over.

Kickstart Value with Seamless Onboarding

Expedite the time-to-value of your IT investments with process-driven support and seamless onboarding. Your CSM works with you to build a custom success plan that aligns third-party technology with your organization’s goals. Your CSM engages with you proactively to elevate business outcomes and maximize ROI from your IT investments.

Strategic Buying Models: Enterprise Agreements

Transform Software and Maintenance Contracts into EAs that Do More for Your Business

Make your IT investments work harder. With GDT, you get strategic, cost-effective enterprise licensing and maintenance agreements designed to supercharge your business. We’ll help you tap the full potential of these agreements to boost efficiency, savings, and productivity.

Easy to Buy

Not-to-exceed pricing
Buy more, save more
Built-in growth
Flexible payment terms

Easy to Consume

Simple-to-provision software
True-forward billing
Access to new capabilities instantly

Easy to Manage

Single pane of glass
Segment by team
Easy to co-term
Provision vs consumption

Maximize Return on Investment

GDT conducts a detailed assessment of your current software and maintenance consumption and partners with you to align IT procurement with your business needs and objectives. You’ll get expert, collaborative support rooted in optimization to select, purchase, and consume agreements that deliver the best return on investment.

Enterprise Agreements: Value at the Core

Leverage the power of EAs to supercharge your IT investments. When put at the core of your IT strategy, EAs enable you to scale, innovate, and adapt swiftly. GDT builds EAs for companies like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and others.

GDT EA Partners

GDT Asset Management Platform (GDTamp)

End-to-End Visibility and Insights across Your Technology Estate

Effective IT asset management can increase innovation, optimization, and strategic growth. Make the most of your IT assets and ensure compliance across your portfolio with the GDT Asset Management Platform (GDTamp).

Real-Time Insights, Real-World Impact

GDTamp is more than just a platform. It’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to empower your organization. Whether you’re consuming software and maintenance a-la-carte or through a buying model like an enterprise agreement, GDT has you covered. With GDTamp, you gain real-time insights into your entire IT infrastructure, from hardware assets with maintenance to software contracts and enterprise agreements. No more guesswork—just actionable data that drives informed decisions.

Additional Support Services

Extended Support

Save money and minimize downtime risks associated with end-of-life devices. GDT Extended Support allows you to replace your failed hardware at a fraction of the price of traditional OEM maintenance.

With our robust partner ecosystem, GDT can source, stock, and ship spare parts based on your needs and with competitive SLAs. Furthermore, by leveraging GDTamp, you gain visibility into end-of-support data across your environment, so you can proactively identify support gaps across OEMs.

On-Demand Engineering

Get access to cost-effective onsite engineering support when and where you need it. GDT offers on-demand engineering expertise in more than 120 countries with aggressive SLAs, so you can access the skillsets you need without delay—without overpaying.
  • Data center, networking, security, collaboration, and productivity
  • Project-based services for scheduled work
  • Installs, moves, additions, changes, and disposals
  • Incident and outage response
  • On-demand labor for day-to-day tasks

Global IT Asset Disposition

Maximize your return on unused assets with our global value recovery and disposal program.  GDT makes global IT asset disposition (ITAD) simple, seamless, and secure so you can focus on what’s important. GDT cuts through the red tape of individual quotes and proposals to expedite the secure disposal of retired and unused IT assets. Our all-inclusive, global program includes complete decommissioning services and ensures the highest recoverable value for end-of-life assets. Our established pricing model means no surprise charges. ITAD services include:
  • IT asset pickup and drop-off
  • Inventory auditing
  • Data erasure and destruction
  • Asset remarketing and recycling
  • Inventory reporting

Recent Insights

While technology can deliver unprecedented value as a core business enabler, choosing and implementing the right solutions effectively within the context of your organization’s specific business needs and objectives can prove incredibly challenging. Many businesses have a complex technology footprint yet lack the skillsets, time, and resources to optimize and

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In January 2023, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a troubling report detailing findings of their audit of NASA’s software asset management practices. They found that NASA’s software asset management practices “expose the agency to operational, financial, and cybersecurity risks with management of the software life cycle largely