Collaboration Solutions

Maximizing productivity through effective collaboration

A lack of collaboration delays project outcomes, leaves co-workers in the dark and negatively affects morale. When personnel in different organizations need to come together and work toward a common goal, seamless collaboration must be a key piece of the puzzle. GDT’s Collaboration Solutions experts have been successfully addressing this very issue for years by delivering turnkey, quality collaborative experiences that combine unified communications, cutting-edge video capabilities and state-of-the-art conferencing services.

Collaboration solutions with rapid deployment capabilities

A construction company's growth meant it outgrew its existing communications and collaborations solutions. GDT implemented the Cisco Spark Cloud, a comprehensive collaborations suite of services, which quickly enhanced its customer experience and drove up employee satisfaction.

Seamless collaboration, worldwide connectivity

Whether using IP-connected devices or state-of-the-art conference rooms equipped with hi-def microphones and cameras, GDT Collaboration customers can conduct effective meetings, seminars, training classes, or presentations. As a Cisco Master Unified Communications partner, GDT is uniquely structured to deploy multi-vendor solutions within the Cisco Ecosystem, including solutions from collaboration thought leaders such as Singlewire, Akkadian Labs, 2Ring and Imagicle. GDT keeps customers’ geographically dispersed employees operating efficiently by bridging the distance that can turn the simplest of tasks into frustrating, time-consuming endeavors. GDT’s experienced, highly skilled solutions engineers and architects design collaborative solutions that reduce infrastructure costs and enable customization to fit customers’ specific needs.

High-Definition Audio and Video Solutions

  • Unified communications infrastructures
  • Advanced telephony and applications
  • Enterprise conferencing and collaboration
  • Video communication solutions
  • Unified contact center
  • Advanced collaboration architectures

Whether crafting a solution for call center agents, administrative staff, mobile professionals or C-level executives, GDT's collaboration professionals ensure designs and deployments address the precise needs of customers and their end users.

GDT professionals deliver Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Solution to enhance healthcare organization’s emergency services

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Collaboration solutions architects and engineers who seamlessly bridge distances between customers’ geographically dispersed workforces.

5G Collaboration is Coming

Get the most from your organization's collaboration with next-generation Edge & 5G technology