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Asset Lifecycle Management

Optimize your investments and ensure compliance across your IT portfolio with the GDT Asset Management Platform (GDTamp) powered by RAY ALLEN Inc. Available exclusively to GDT clients as a value-add, this robust asset management platform provides a single dashboard to view and manage all your software and maintenance subscriptions and enterprise agreements.

Make the most of your IT portfolio with GDTamp

The typical enterprise company spends millions of dollars annually on new technology, with most purchases containing software or maintenance subscriptions. Yet most companies do not have unified insights across their IT infrastructure. Instead, companies manually compile most of this information into spreadsheets or not at all, leading to outdated information, compliance risks, and higher costs. The GDT Asset Management Platform (GDTamp) helps customers optimize investments and ensure compliance across their portfolio.
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GDTamp Benefits

  • Increased visibility: Gain single-pane visibility across your technology estate, including location, serial numbers, contracts, expiration/renewal details, utilization, end-of-support, associated costs, and more.
  • Improved license and contract management: Avoid costly true-forward or true-up events, prevent EA misuse, and proactively manage consumption.
  • Budget optimization: Right-size maintenance spend by identifying over- and under-utilized licenses, assets, and other opportunities to lower costs.
  • Greater compliance: Eliminate the risk of software license non-compliance by proactively managing software consumption and enforcing correct license usage.
  • Reduced downtime: Lower downtime risk by ensuring critical network devices have proper service coverage.

Take control of your IT asset management

Time, Solutions and services

Manage expiring assets

Gain visibility into asset maintenance expiration and renewability based on end-of-support dates.

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Make informed decisions

Reduce risks and make better business decisions by gaining actionable insights into common risks and data inconsistencies such as coverage gaps, assets never covered, expired & renewable, and decommissioned.

Importance of Strengthening

Plan for end-of-support

Use end-of-support insights to inform product refreshes and upgrades. Plus, uncover insights around End of Sale and End of Software Availability.

Analytics dashboard

Right-size software license utilization

Get deep insights into license utilization and surface potentially non-compliant usage to lower risk and optimize software licenses.

Streamline EA management and true- forward analysis

Explore EA deployment information and license conversion options, including cost details.

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