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Fortune 1000 Company Improves Security Posture and Saves Projected $2M with GDT Network and Security Assessment

About the Customer

Our customer is a global Fortune 1000 specialty chemicals and performance materials company.

Customer Challenges

Our customer’s outdated global network infrastructure was no longer meeting their needs, with gaps in security and data protection, diminished application performance, and subpar ROI on technology investments. Specific challenges included:

  • Legacy architecture and lack of visibility, yielding poor performance and higher costs.
  • Outdated processes and procedures and lack of practices and industry standards, resulting in unplanned outages and adverse business impacts.
  • Configuration gaps, leading to security exposures and compliance challenges.
  • IT support structure issues, including the lack of clear ownership and accountability across the support model.
  • Limited resiliency, impeding their ability to scale and respond to increasing business demands.
  • Geo-political issues and business continuity exposures for overseas locations, including the Russia-Ukraine war and technical limitations due to minimally threaded undersea fiber-optic cables.

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Specific project requirements included:

  • Prioritized ROI-based network modernization recommendations.
  • Rigorous network and data security across global locations.
  • Ability to maximize existing edge technology investments.
  • Optimization of third-party IT vendor efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Scalability for the future.

Solution: GDT Network and Security Assessment

Our customer engaged GDT to perform a comprehensive network and security assessment across their global environment, including two data centers, two regional hubs, more than fifty plants, and approximately 1,000 network and security devices. As part of the six-week engagement, the GDT Network Services team gained a deep understanding of the customer’s business needs and requirements as well as their network and security infrastructure. GDT provided a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our customer’s infrastructure and offered evidence-based insights and prioritized recommendations designed to transform the legacy WAN, LAN, and security envelope. The recommendations included the addition of Starlink satellite capabilities in one of its regional centers to ensure business continuity should the undersea fiber-optic cables be compromised. Additional recommendations included:
  • SD-WAN: Cloud-based SD-WAN managed services solution to reduce OpEx, minimize staffing requirements, and improve stability.
  • WiFi: Upgraded WiFi solution to lower OpEx, simplify management, modernize security, improve coverage, and lower risk.
  • Unified Communications: Standardization on existing Microsoft Teams deployment for disaster recovery, increased reliability, and tighter integration across locations.


The new, modern network built on GDT recommendations has improved our client’s networking estate, closed security and compliance gaps, and elevated their security posture. The updated infrastructure offers increased performance and stability and optimizes existing edge technology investments. Our customer now enjoys streamlined management processes and increased productivity and has laid the foundation for future growth while navigating geo-political challenges with greater agility. Additional benefits include:

Projected savings of $2M over three years.

Reduced network complexity.

Improved security posture.

Enhanced productivity and customer experience.

Greater scalability and agility.

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