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Regional Bank Leverages GDT SD-WAN as a Service to Transform Security and Drive Cost Savings

Security and Drive Cost Savings

About the Customer

Our customer is a well-established financial institution with around 250 branches across the Southern United States.

Customer Challenges

Our customer’s legacy WAN edge infrastructure no longer met their needs and exposed them to security and compliance risks. Expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) contracts lacked flexibility and scalability, negatively impacting their profits. Enterprise cloud and SaaS adoption had exposed network performance gaps and security issues, and their VPN and hybrid workplace solutions no longer aligned with workforce requirements. They needed a consistent, cost-effective, modern network solution and a reliable support model across all locations.

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  • A partner that could design, deploy, and manage modern SD-WAN technology and ensure the availability of the underlay network access.
  • Improved network security to ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.
  • Improved consistency, scalability, and performance across all locations.
  • Rapid, cost-effective delivery with minimal business disruption.


GDT began the engagement by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s legacy environment and business requirements. Using this information, GDT experts designed a modern network architecture that replaced legacy MPLS edge-infrastructure devices with new SD-WAN devices. GDT also leveraged a comprehensive migration model to ensure deployment quality and speed to value while minimizing business disruption.

The new modern SD-WAN solution uses dedicated internet and broadband access, aligned with our client’s desired requirements and outcomes – lowering costs, improving data security and application performance, improving support, and reducing demands on their own staff through fewer incidents, outages, and escalations. 

GDT built the solution from the ground up, performing site surveys and installing new wireless access points at each location during the same trip to minimize disruption to their business and customers. GDT secured their modern SD-WAN networking technology to ensure the integrity of all data transport. GDT also leveraged a modern, next-generation firewall (NGFW) as part of the SD-WAN. 

GDT simplified the delivery and management of the end-to-end networking estate through our Managed Network Services capabilities, which support all leading vendor technologies. The solution accommodates all our customer’s business functions, delivering improved agility, responsiveness, visibility, and scalability — all while reducing operational risk, complexity, and costs.


Increased Security, Flexibility, Scalability, and Performance

The modern SD-WAN as a service solution improved our customer’s flexibility, enabling them to take advantage of secure networking over various access technologies and improving performance by ensuring data transport over available and the best-performing transport path. The customer was also able to take advantage of SD-WAN features like application steering and application prioritization while also limiting nonbusiness critical internet use.

Estimated 30% Cost Savings

The modern SD-WAN solution created a domino effect of savings enabled by process improvements, including lower cost access, increased network stability and availability, increased bandwidth, improved user productivity, and reduced need for customer IT support.


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