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Health Insurance Provider Taps GDT for Managed Network Services, Boosting Productivity, Security, & Compliance

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About the Customer

Our customer is a leading health insurance provider in the US.

Customer Challenges

Our customer’s legacy network infrastructure had outgrown its useful life, lacking the security, reliability, stability, and flexibility needed to support its growing workforce and modern business needs. Challenges with intermittent access, bandwidth, and latency negatively impacted productivity. Limited WiFi access visibility and reporting capabilities had led to gaps in compliance. Furthermore, they increasingly needed consistent and secure remote access to critical business applications.  

Our customer also wanted to lower energy usage by embracing reduced port density, smaller switch stacks, and power over ethernet (PoE). But they didn’t have the internal skillsets to operate the next-generation network architecture and needed a reliable managed network services provider like GDT to manage the new network.

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Specific project requirements included:

  • Campus-wide hardware upgrades to aging LAN and WiFi infrastructure, with minimal workplace disruption.
  • High-quality, rapidly deployable WiFi solution offering high bandwidth, seamless access, and low-latency roaming.
  • Improved compliance reporting capabilities to support business-critical audit requirements.
  • Best-in-class security features to minimize business risk.
  • Energy-efficient network to increase sustainability.

Solution: LAN & WiFi Managed Services

GDT’s Network Services team worked with the customer to design, build, and manage a modern network. The engagement began with a thorough exploration of the customer’s business needs, infrastructure, and data requirements.

Based on our findings, GDT designed a cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient network solution that could be easily managed and scaled with business needs.

The network solution includes reliable WiFi integrated via PoE, enabling us to reduce the customer’s infrastructure and power footprint. The new wireless technology has advanced security built-in, with modern authentication and wireless security protocols. Integration with IT service management processes enables improved visibility and compliance reporting capabilities. GDT deployed and implemented 24x7x365 management of the complete solution with minimal disruption to the business and end-users.


Streamlined, modern network.

Anytime, anywhere access to business-critical systems.

High-bandwidth, low-latency WiFi.

Improved productivity and end-user experience.

Full mobility roaming anywhere on campus.

Improved security posture.

Improved reporting and compliance.

Enhanced scalability.

Reduced energy footprint.

Predictable OPEX.

24x7x365 management with defined SLAs.

Server room, network and maintenance

GDT Network Services

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