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GDT Positions Broadband Provider for Growth While Reducing Software & Maintenance Agreement Costs by 25%

About the Customer

Our customer is a leading US broadband provider with a presence in over 20 states.

Customer Challenges

As a digital cable and internet service provider, our customer’s business depends upon a scalable, efficient, and reliable technology infrastructure to deliver services at scale. To grow its subscription base, our customer needed to expand and transform their technological capabilities.

Cisco solutions comprise the core of their infrastructure, representing a critical financial investment. Establishing the right software and maintenance agreements with Cisco significantly impacts our customer’s cost basis and the services they deliver to their subscribers. As Cisco transitioned to software-led solutions, our customer needed a reliable partner with deep telecom industry experience and the people, processes, and tools to help them navigate the associated complexities to make the most of their infrastructure investment.

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  • Right-size their existing Cisco maintenance solution, determining the optimal maintenance offering, terms, and Cisco Business-Critical Services.
  • Design an optimal buying program for current and future software and licensing needs that would maximize their Cisco investments, meet performance and security requirements, and enable license portability and scalability for the future.

SOLUTION: Strategic Buying Models & Full Lifecycle Management

To understand our customer’s existing environment and needs, GDT embarked on an in-depth discovery process, documenting and analyzing the install base across 222 locations, identifying gaps as well as opportunities for optimization. GDT also reviewed existing maintenance agreements and SLAs to assess coverage levels for each location. GDT consolidated the results of the discovery process into the GDT Asset Management Platform (GDTamp), providing a single dashboard to view and manage their software and maintenance subscriptions and enterprise agreements.

GDT presented findings and recommendations capable of addressing our customer’s requirements. To determine the right maintenance offering, terms, Cisco Business-Critical Services, and software buying program, GDT worked through multiple reviews and iterations with our customer. Once the optimal solutions had been agreed upon, GDT successfully negotiated with Cisco to build a service full-coverage maintenance contract that excluded certain items in their network, such as access points–a significant concession that saved our customer money.

From a licensing standpoint, GDT transformed our customer’s subscriptions into flexible consumption models. This change allows our customer to leverage existing subscriptions while providing portability as they update to new technologies.

In total, GDT saved our customer more than 25% across their software and maintenance agreements for existing infrastructure and around 15% on future software and support services.

The final buying model consisted of the following:

  • 3-Year Cisco Service Full Coverage
  • Cisco Business Critical Services
  • Cisco Expert Care as a Service
  • 3-year Cisco Service Provider Network Agreement (SPNA) EA

Additionally, dedicated GDT account professionals perform full-lifecycle asset management leveraging GDTamp, giving our customer increased visibility across their infrastructure while enabling improved license and contract management. GDT conducts monthly business reviews, sharing reports and insights related to software consumption, last day of support, and security alerts to help our customer make necessary adjustments to right-size their environment as well as APIs with manufacturers. To ensure optimal success for our customer, GDT provides a dedicated customer experience manager, a software and support services specialist, and access to our GDTamp client success team.   


Right-sized our customer’s existing Cisco software and maintenance agreements.

Reduced costs by more than 25% across our customer’s software and maintenance agreements for existing infrastructure.

Identified an estimated 15% cost savings on future software and support services.

Established a cost-effective and predictable buying model to support future growth.

Achieved end-to-end visibility and control across the full lifecycle of their Cisco investments.

Do More with Your Software and Maintenance Agreements

Make the most of your multi-technology software and maintenance agreements. GDT partners with customers to custom-build agreements that directly support business objectives and fuel value. GDT delivers expert resources, platforms, and lifecycle services to identify the best options for business needs and expedite time-to-value, control costs, mitigate risk, and streamline operations.