Customer Success Story

Staging an IT solution requires a game plan, teamwork and the right personnel―it needs GDT

Without it, projects miss deadlines, network downtime ensues, and revenue is lost. Staging a solution is a critically important component that, if done thoroughly and with the right professionals, helps ensure an IT solution deployment goes smoothly and with the least amount of disruption to the customer. By recognizing this, one (1) of the country’s largest wireless providers turned to GDT to stage and test a solution that would be implemented at dozens of its switching offices to support, among other things, its upcoming 5G rollout.

For the customer, utilizing GDT was a logical choice given their history working with GDT professionals from a variety of its core practices. And they knew that any GDT solution would be engineered by its Project Management professionals, who are widely known for ensuring the largest of projects are implemented on time, every time.

The Quarterback

Project Management

When an IT deployment requires the design and construction of over a hundred cabinets to accommodate almost two thousand (2,000) chassis and seventeen (17) miles of customized cabling, utilizing a project management team that’s unparalleled in the IT industry is of paramount importance. With years of empirical experience delivering customized IT solutions for clients worldwide, GDT’s project management professionals carefully engineered, coordinated the needed personnel, and guided the entire project from its initial design phase to the delivery at each retail location.

The Key Players

Innovation Lab and Integration Center

From its 1,800,000-cu. foot Innovation Lab and Integration Center, GDT’s team entered, upon receipt, each asset into its tracking system and provided the client with a web portal to view real-time status on each device. In addition, they designed and built a customized kitting solution that would not only accommodate and protect each cabinet and its contents, but limit its weight and space requirements.

DevOps and Data Center Engineering

GDT’s DevOps practice, along with engineers from its state-of-the-art data center, relied on their automation expertise to handle the logical provisioning of each network asset. Their automation efforts included the scripting of designed Methods of Procedure (MOPs), including customized tools to more efficiently and accurately test the solution. And due to the customer’s tight installation time frame, their work often required ‘round the clock, and weekend, hours.

Manufacturing and Layer One (1) Engineering Operations

DataOne Manufacturing has designed and constructed customized layer one (1) solutions for some of the largest service providers, enterprises and government agencies in the world. For this highly customized project, GDT’s Layer One (1) engineering and operations teams not only engineered and constructed wiring harnesses that would accommodate networking and space requirements, but would also minimize installation times. And while each harness was tested to ensure it fully satisfied industry standards and specifications, it required more intensive testing to pass DataOne Manufacturing’s requirements.

The right team, the perfect solution…and another victory for a GDT customer

GDT’s “One GDT” approach starts and ends with a customer-first focus. And by utilizing experienced, highly trained and certified IT professionals, GDT provides customers with more than answers. They deliver solutions that help customers enjoy positive business outcomes and realize their digital transformation goals.

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