Customer Success Story

Guess who this company, with one of the world’s most recognizable brands, turned to?

When you combine the leaders in their respective industries, desired results come with high expectations. So, when one of the world’s most well-known sports and entertainment brands needed the best call center and collaboration solution the industry has to offer, they turned to the leader in network and systems integration—GDT.

Higher wait times meant customer frustration, lower revenue

No company will claim that reducing customer call queues isn’t an important element of the Customer Experience (CX). But, when callers are anxiously waiting to place orders of the 5- and 6-figure variety, call queues can become gatekeepers to millions of dollars in revenue. Long queues can easily mark the difference between a run-of-the-mill revenue day and one for the record books. Now, throw the time it took to manage their current solution into the mix and it can’t really be called a solution; it’s a problem.


After extensive interviews with the customer’s key stakeholders, GDT recommended a cloud solution, which they knew would perfectly deliver the desired results both now, and well into the future. For years, the customer has relied on GDT for an array of innovative IT solutions, and when their experts advised them to utilize Cisco’s Webex Call Center (WCC) to meet their pressing call center needs, they promptly followed suit.


WCC is inarguably the most robust call center, collaboration and conferencing solution on the market, and it’s designed and constructed as a cloud solution. Through predictive analytics, WCC can determine callers’ needs and direct them to the agent who can best address them. 

Thirty percent

Ultimately, a technology solution is only as good as its implementation. Without first understanding precise customer expectations, technology can be over- or under-engineered, features and functionalities aren’t used—or are used improperly—and the customer is left wondering what all the fuss and hype was about. Those issues don’t affect GDT customers, however. What the customer is left wondering is why they didn’t contact GDT sooner. GDT’s engineers, solutions architects, project managers and field personnel, to name a few, work with a single goal in mind—deliver innovation with a customer-first focus.


Prior to its migration to Cisco Webex Contact Center, GDT first ensured that the customer’s supervisors had been set up and trained on their new solution. GDT analyzed call queues, then redesigned the solution to address issues the customer was experiencing—poor call prioritization and routing, and a series of other issues that all resulted in one word: inefficiency.


Upon GDT’s implementation and configuration of the customer’s new Cisco Webex Contact Center environment, they immediately enjoyed a 30% reduction in queue times. That’s 30% from the onset; the percentage continues to grow. And, with it, so do the satisfaction rates of the customer and its customers, as well.

GDT monitors it all from its 24x7x365 Network and Security Operations Centers

As have tens of thousands of organizations, the customer knew that fully optimizing their new solution would mean leaving its management and monitoring in the hands of GDT, which serves as the first line of support desk defense in the event issues arise or MACDs are needed.


In addition to the customer’s new call center solution, GDT deployed voice and network management tools that helped the entire solution be proactively monitored, including Cisco’s CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element), a Session Border Controller (SBC) that, in addition to session control, manages security, interworking, and demarcation. CUBE makes it possible to connect and interwork unified communications networks for organizations of all sizes with public and private IP communication services.


As a result of the successful migration and the ongoing management of its new Cisco WCC solution, the customer will soon be working with GDT to integrate additional 3rd party applications.

Two industry leaders, one great solution.

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