Advisory Services

Minimizing risk and maximizing potential

Failure to identify and understand risk within the overall enterprise leaves the IT manager with a very incomplete picture of risks to the organizational infrastructure. As companies look to gain an unbiased, complete view of the true risks to their organization, many have turned to trusted security partners to deliver comprehensive advisory services. GDT’s Advisory Services team is comprised of the industry’s most tenured and talented IT professionals, who are dedicated to evaluating, guiding and enhancing customers’ IT organizations.

Simplified solutions to complex problems

No two customers are alike, and GDT’s Advisory Services guides each customer on a proactive, personalized technology journey that delivers measurable, consistent and sustainable results from discovery to deployment. 




GDT offers a comprehensive suite of advisory programs and services, including:

  • Security program and impact assessment
  • Risk mitigation, transformation, and hardened infrastructure
  • Security Governance and/or Virtual CISO as a Service
  • Custom integration roadmaps and training workshops

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GDT offers informative, hands-on advisory engagement & workshops that introduce companies to best practices, including IT Transformation, Risk Mitigation, and Infrastructure security. Let our team of experienced advisors guide your organization along the journey of IT transformation and strategic technology alignment.

GDT's Advisory Services promotes greater agility, faster implementation, and higher profits

One of the world’s largest oil companies turned to GDT’s Advisory Services for a roadmap align their software purchase, corporate governance, and network security needs.

Design & Implementation

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