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Why GDT + HPE: The Benefits of Our Partnership

As a global IT solutions provider, we understand that technology partnerships are absolutely crucial in our line of business. It’s fair to say that without great partners to work with, we couldn’t do what we do. It’s also fair to say that without the expertise the GDT team brings to the table, our customers wouldn’t be getting the best value possible from their IT.

Partner Spotlight: HPE 

Infrastructure is the backbone of every IT environment, and HPE is an industry leader in technology infrastructure for a reason — or, rather, several reasons. 

For one, HPE has been leading in tech innovation for nearly 100 years since its founding in 1939. Now, it’s one of the top sellers of data center infrastructure in the world. With a range of edge-to-cloud products, HPE provides the products organizations need to connect the edge, turn data into intelligence, create hybrid cloud solutions, secure users and data, and drive an AI advantage. 

All of which makes them a perfect partner to help us set clients up for strategic IT success.

Edge-to-Cloud Excellence With HPE GreenLake

One of our goals here at GDT is to accelerate digitalization and business objectives for our clients. We primarily accomplish this through transforming and modernizing platforms, networks, and security.  

And when it comes to platforms, partnering with HPE gives us an edge with HPE GreenLake. HPE GreenLake is the company’s portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions, giving organizations a secure, flexible platform to create a tailored, unified cloud experience.

We’ve found that HPE GreenLake is an effective way to undertake a holistic transformation for clients. HPE GreenLake’s hardware and software components offer a range of benefits that make it a great fit: 

  • Cloudlike user experiences  
  • Consolidation of data centers 
  • Value that helps solve technical debt 
  • Acceleration of IT provisions 
  • Unified management for data anywhere on the edge 

And, because it’s consumption-based, clients can tweak the balance of compute, network, and storage as needed as the business changes and grows.  

How We’re Making Something Great Even Better 

Even the best, most intuitive technology products deliver more value when you have strategic guidance. When GDT offers HPE GreenLake as a solution for customers looking for a better approach to cloud, we don’t set it and forget it. We wrap it up, deliver it, and support the whole platform with a host of expert managed services.

HPE’s GreenLake plus GDT’s expertise together result in a private cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering we’re really proud to bring to our clients. As a single point of contact, GDT simplifies and accelerates your transition to HPE infrastructure by: 

  • Bringing the cloud experience to client apps and data 
  • Transforming traditional, nonnative apps into an open container-first approach 
  • Enabling in-house AI/ML competency 

We bundle comprehensive managed services around the HPE GreenLake solution so what you get is a seamless, fully functional, and tailored-to-your-needs experience. You don’t need to worry about governance, support, security, data protection, or disaster recovery, because we build them in. 
Plus, we manage the entire infrastructure for you, using HPE GreenLake’s built-in capabilities to monitor every aspect of your hybrid cloud, including usage and spend — and then we use that data to deliver optimization and recommendations on a quarterly or monthly basis to make sure you’re getting the best ROI and cost savings. 

More of what you can expect from GDT with managed private cloud built on HPE GreenLake includes: 

  • 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and support 
  • Proactive updates, incident alerts, and problem resolution 
  • Maintenance activities, including patches and upgrades 
  • System administration, including secure remote access, backups, and capacity management 

Problems Solved With GDT + HPE

The reality is, whatever your challenges or cloud goals, we can help address them. But, in terms of the pain points we’re seeing most often, here are the top three we’re helping clients solve with managed private cloud.

  • Staffing challenges: At many organizations, internal talent a) is focused on system maintenance rather than strategic efforts, b) has limited knowledge, and c) is often under-resourced.  With HPE GreenLake and GDT managed services, your teams can focus on driving value for the business with our expert resources to handle the day-to-day activities. 
  • Financial constraints: Is the budget really ever big enough? It can be a struggle to deal with increasing and unpredictable cloud costs, and plan for the large CapEx commitments typically needed for transformation — much less invest in creating new revenue streams. 
    One of the primary reasons to choose HPE through GDT is that not only do you get flexible, consumption-based pricing, you get strategic guidance on how to save more and drive a stronger ROI. And then you can reinvest those savings into business goals. 
  • Infrastructure and security: Legacy infrastructures can hold organizations back from investing in new projects as teams struggle with managing, accessing, storing, and securing growing data volumes. Not to mention spending on tech debt — the cost of maintaining an outdated solution.  
    Our managed private cloud option lets you evolve your enterprise cloud platform as needed, with security built in. It’s scalable (up or down), reliable, and delivers capabilities that will let you take advantage of solutions like automation, AI, and machine learning without added complexity. 

If any of these struggles sound familiar, it might be time to reassess your cloud solution. Check out our infographic, “5 Signs You’re Ready for Next-Level Cloud” for a guided self-assessment. We’d love to talk about whether managed private cloud from GDT leveraging HPE infrastructure is right for you.

Bottom Line 

HPE is an incredible partner for helping us accelerate business outcomes for companies of all sizes and in all verticals. As technology decision-makers grapple with increasingly complex environments, HPE GreenLake is providing a better way to manage data at the edge while driving savings and simplicity.  
Our role is to help you discover the best solutions for your goals, make those solutions a reality for your business, and help make sure they deliver the best-value outcomes possible. Learn more about our partnership solution with HPE GreenLake for managed private cloud here.


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