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Listening skills

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure professionals asked the right questions, listened, then brought a client’s facility online faster and more efficiently IT professionals are like new car buyers; both are looking for the latest and greatest solutions and technologies each industry has to offer. However, the infrastructures both traverse are only mentioned

Software procurement roadmap for oil company

One of the world’s largest oil companies turned to GDT’s Advisory & Consulting professionals for a roadmap to help with future software purchases By Richard Arneson In several recent surveys, it was discovered that software is an IT organization’s largest expenditure—second place isn’t even close. When you’re one of the

Business partners greeting each other
According to a recent survey concerning employee productivity, 97% believe a lack of collaboration delays projects’ outcomes. A regional cable TV and ISP serving the upper Midwestern United States could relate.
monetize space
$700 billion company Amazon just filed papers with the U.S. government to launch 3,236 satellites that will provide high speed internet service.
How could there possibly be any news—other than the good kind—for IoT? Sadly, in the case of IoT, the bad news involves security.
IoT Trends
Here a few of the ways IoT will become more ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives in 2019.
smart sneakers
Nike, the manufacturer of all things worn in the name of athletics, introduced its latest smart product to the marketplace at this month’s CES Show in Las Vegas.
laser light bulb

What do you use dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times a day without taking notice? Nope, it’s not your smart phone, TV or refrigerator…the light bulb. Yes, the light bulb, that ignored, often cursed (when the filament disintegrates at the most inopportune time) staple of every day life. Can we comprehend

Finland’s Reindeer Herding Association has been working with Digita, a Helsinki-based communications company, to design a reindeer collar that uses GPS and a Digita's long-distance wireless network.