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Listening is a skill—just ask this international parts distributor

Listening skills

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure professionals asked the right questions, listened, then brought a client’s facility online faster and more efficiently

IT professionals are like new car buyers; both are looking for the latest and greatest solutions and technologies each industry has to offer. However, the infrastructures both traverse are only mentioned when they fail to effectively move data and vehicles. It’s critically important, but all-too-often overlooked.

An international distributor of high-end auto parts discovered the hard way that working with a systems and network integrator not named GDT would result in a “solution” that would not only break their budget, but wouldn’t address issues they didn’t even know existed. Only after being introduced to GDT did they discover their consultative approach would result in a budget-friendly design that would satisfy what they really needed.

The customer didn’t know what they didn’t know—until they worked with GDT

The client needed a wireless solution for the warehouse they’d recently built, but the initial systems integrator they had worked with made unnecessary recommendations that would not only drive up costs, but ignore physical infrastructure requirements that would deliver what they truly needed—a solution.

GDT’s physical infrastructure solutions architects, widely known as the most tenured, trained and talented in the IT industry, not only asked the right questions, but, more importantly, listened to the answers. It quickly became apparent that the customer needed far more than wireless access points. They needed a design that would stand up to the dust and dirt inherent in warehouses, including the extreme temperature swings due to the unpredictable Texas weather.

A comprehensive solution carefully designed and delivered on time

In addition to installing all wireless access points, GDT designed a solution that included an enclosure cabinet mounted to the ceiling’s I-Beams, which kept their network server free from dust, debris and moisture. In addition, they installed copper and fiber cabling that connected all access points to the wiring closet, which ultimately terminates at the IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) in the main office. They also installed a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to provide emergency power in the event of an outage.

Successful results reflect the power of combining technical acumen with the ability to listen

GDT’s Physical Infrastructure team consists of professionals who did for this customer what they’ve done for thousands others over the past 24 years. They delivered a customized solution that perfectly fit the needs, and budget, of the client.

Their vast arsenal of solutions and services extends well beyond what this customer is now enjoying. In addition to server enclosures, wireless access points, uninterrupted power and cabling (both copper and fiber), they also provide hot & cold aisle containment for data centers, access control design and implementation, card readers, keypads, mag locks, IP-based cameras, control panels, motion and infrared intrusion detection, door contacts, and much more. In short, they are a one-stop shop for physical IT infrastructures, whether for data centers, remote offices, headquarters, or warehouses, even those facing the most challenging climates and conditions.


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