Overcome These 7 Challenges to Optimize Your Hybrid Multi-cloud Journey

A Note from GDT President Vinod Muthuswamy

From everyone at GDT, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I want to say thank you to our amazing customers for a phenomenal partnership in 2017. We continue to see digital transformation across our Customer base. Let me talk about a few key trends that we are seeing.
Digital is the new norm. Digital continues to be the result of the concurrence of IIOT, Data and automation. Hybrid Cloud continues to gain more interest as more Customers pivot towards combining the best of private and public cloud solutions. Most of these decisions are centered on agility, business value and time to market. If you haven’t started having a cloud conversation or thinking about your Digital strategy, I strongly urge you to do so.
GDT continues to be a thought leader in these areas increasing the value of consumption of technology across our Customers. You will continue to see GDT’s commitment to delivering excellent customer experience as we always do, but also driving innovation across these areas to enable you through the various phases of your journey.


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