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GDT Employee Spotlight: John “JC” Crawford

For GDT’s VP of Strategic Services & Delivery, John “JC” Crawford, a great place to work means more than just driving success. It’s about growth, building relationships, and working together toward a common purpose. Read this latest edition of the GDT Employee Spotlight to get to know JC and get a glimpse of life at GDT through his eyes.

JC: I have been with GDT for one year as of April 17, and my official title is VP of Strategic Services and Delivery. My role entails a little bit of everything. I ensure we deliver our services at a very high level and live up to our honor in customer satisfaction. My team has around 130 people now, so I’m also finding ways to utilize them properly and institute ways to cross-train and leverage them as much as possible.  

Finally, I work with many partners. Our business is growing rapidly, so I ensure we can scale and leverage our partners onshore and offshore and be great stewards of the business overall.  

JC: When I was interviewing here, I was concerned because I was coming from a family. When you work somewhere for ten years, they become your family, and I wanted to find that here. What I enjoy most at GDT is that everywhere I turn, I find genuine people. It is good to be a part of a team where people truly care about the business and one another.

I have a phrase called hi and byes where you just say hi and bye, but I want to get to know people and how they are doing and get the same in return. I get that here at GDT.

My motivation is to be an integral part of our growth strategy. They brought me here for a reason, and I’ve had some successes in other places. I strive to bring that level of strategy, understanding, experience, and drive to GDT. I am motivated to win, and thankfully, I work with people here at GDT who also want to win.

JC: Do you know the movie The A-Team? Each character has unique strengths and weaknesses. My team is the A-team because we combine our strengths to get things done. I inherited a great team, and they’ve embraced me. It’s been fun.  

JC: When I started at GDT, there was a lot going on, and I faced a steep learning curve. It reminds me of the movie The Matrix when Neo asks, “Why do my eyes hurt?” and Morpheus answers, “You’ve never used them before.” Once he started using his eyes, things began to slow down and work for him. For me, once things slowed down, my organization’s vision became clear: to grow, be better, and deliver better. I can see that happening now as more business comes in and more customers want to work with us. We have a big ship. We can’t chase perfection, but we can chase progress and get better every day.

JC: If I could have any job in the world, it would probably be mentoring and helping children in underserved communities, which is a passion of mine.

JC: I grew up playing instruments and writing music. I played the trumpet, trombone, baritone tuba, and drums. I like any genre.

JC: My first trip was to Jamaica when I was 17. I’ve returned many times since. It is amazing!

JC: Great question. Do more of what you love, challenge yourself, and give more.

Thank you, JC, for chatting about your role and sharing why GDT is a great place to work. Learn more about GDT’s vibrant culture and explore our career options by visiting Life at GDT.


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