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Telecommunications Company Calls on GDT to Dial In Automation

When a telecommunications company was founded in 1902, their goal was humble: to bring telephone service found in towns out to the countryside. Now, over 118 years later, they provide wireless, cable, and wireline services to over 1 million customers across parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Kentucky. They were one of the first to offer direct dial long distance, rural cellular service, and rural PCS, and they were recently named to Fortune Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Put simply, an organization could not have sustained such a long history without a commitment to growth and innovation.


This long-standing company knew that in order to continue on their growth trajectory, they needed to embrace another innovation: automation. Automation allows organizations to increase security, reduce risk, and accelerate growth. This organization needed less manual workload overhead and more time to work on more important projects, and they knew just who to turn to in order to get it.



  • Organic growth of Information Technology Services workloads and non-integrated technologies added substantial manual workload overhead for this customer.
  • They were so overwhelmed that they were unable to create an automation strategy or business plan to automate and re-allocate IT resources to work on better things.
  • Because of the size and scope of their organization, they had multiple infrastructure delivery teams with no time to automate future state for themselves first before automating services for others.



GDT’s Advisory Services performed an automation assessment project to identify manual workload automation candidates. This cost- and time-saving process is used to identify issues preventing automation and determine readiness for implementing automation. We provided an easy-to-follow financial business plan that focused on automation strategy and roadmapping priority initiatives. This will allow for future budgeting of what, where, how, and when to transform infrastructure automations. The automation roadmap also included other automation initiatives for integration with enterprise architecture.



As a result of GDT’s automation assessment project and the implementation of the resulting recommendations, this customer will reduce workload costs associated with infrastructure onboarding, delivery, support, and management. Additionally, quick value automation initiatives will help to self-fund the future prioritized automation projects. Lastly, infrastructure, operations, application development and enterprise architecture teams will standardize on automation platforms and pipeline delivery.






GDT’s Advisory Services team is comprised of the industry’s most tenured and talented IT professionals, who are dedicated to evaluating, guiding and enhancing customers’ IT organizations. No two customers are alike, which is why we guide each customer on a proactive, personalized technology journey that delivers measurable, consistent and sustainable results from discovery to deployment. GDT offers informative, hands-on advisory engagement and workshops that introduce companies to best practices, including IT transformation, risk mitigation, and infrastructure security.

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