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by Moe Janmohammad, GDT Cybersecurity Analyst On May 25th, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union (EU) will go into effect. The regulations are designed to protect the data of EU citizens, and penalties for non-compliance are steep (up to the greater of 20 million Euros or 4%

by Moe Janmohammad, GDT Cybersecurity Analyst 2017 was one of the worst years on record for data breaches, computer vulnerabilities and malware attacks. Based on the first four days of 2018, those numbers might be eclipsed after security researchers uncovered a few vulnerabilities in virtually all processors made since 1995. The two

GDT Consulting Engineer Nate Atkinson delivers, as part of the GDT DevOps team’s weekly Lunch & Learn series, a great, basic overview on web security, including some fundamentals, such as privacy, authentication, and integrity. He discusses the importance of data security, both at rest and in flight, and common strategies for managing

GDT’s Agile Operations Developer Lead Brett Kugler presented, as part of GDT’s weekly Lunch & Learn series, a great, informative presentation on Automation. It’s a hot topic in IT today, and there are many ways teams can incorporate automation in their environment. Brett discusses various automation techniques, including orchestration, provisioning

By Nic Hollins, GDT Network Security Engineer A draft for a new standard has been created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It effectually allows people to avoid the scrutiny of surveillance equipment on their networks to perpetuate secure connections. Three Cisco employees have provided a working draft for

by Moe Janmohammad via Almost exactly a year after the Mirai Botnet took down half of the internet, a new IoT botnet is building itself to launch an even more disruptive attack. On October 19th, CheckPoint announced they’ve started tracking a new botnet, named “Reaper”, which had already found its way into over 1

by Moe Janmohammad via ScienceMoez A massive security flaw in the WPA2 encryption protocol has caused panic within the InfoSec community this week. How bad is it? If you own a device that uses WiFi, you’re affected. KRACK, a stylized way to write Key Reinstallation Attack, could allow an attacker within range of a WPA2

By Jennifer Hicks from SmartBlog on LeadershipJW Roberts is the CEO and founder of General Datatech, a Cisco value-added reseller that provides core routing and switching, unified communications, security, wireless, datacenter and storage solutions to clients nationwide. The company recently moved all its departments into a renovated and retrofitted dairy