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Hybrid Cloud Conundrums? Consider HPE GreenLake Flex Cap

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

By Richard Arneson

If you need to purchase a container to hold what you’re estimating is between 48 and 60 ounces of liquid, are you going to buy the 50- or 70- ounce container? Yes, you’ll play it safe and get the bigger one, but you’ll spend more money and it will take up more space on the shelf. And it won’t be very satisfying, especially if you miscalculated and only had thirty-six (36) ounces to begin with. In short, you didn’t do a very good job of right-sizing your container solution. And that’s exactly what IT administrators have struggled with for years, whether it’s bandwidth, equipment or any type of technology of solution. Unfortunately, right-sizing an IT recipe usually requires a dash of hope.

Pay-as-you-go trumps the guesswork of right-sizing

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a hybrid cloud solution that gives customers a public cloud experience, but with the peace of mind that often comes with on-premises deployments. It’s a pay-as-you-go solution, so right-sizing can become the dinosaur of high-tech industry. HPE GreenLake Flex Cap provides capacity on-demand and scales quickly to meet growth needs, but without the wait times–often long ones–that come with circuit provisioning.
And it gets better―management is greatly simplified; customers can manage all their cloud resources, and in the environment of their choosing. HPE GreenLake customers enjoy:

  • Limited risk by maintaining certain workloads on-prem
  • Better and more accurate alignment of cash flows, no upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go model
  • Savings by no longer wasting dollars on circuit overprovisioning
  • Immediate scalability to address the needs of your network
  • Real-time failure alerts with remediation recommendations
  • The ability to perfectly size capacity

And with these integrated, turnkey packages, your organization can enjoy HPE GreenLake Flex Cap even faster

GreenLake for Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Whether you’re utilizing Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your cloud environment, GreenLake Flex Cap can provide turnkey controls for performance, compliance and costs.

GreenLake for SAP HANA

SAP HANA customers can enjoy a fully managed, on-prem appliance with right-sized SAP®-certified hardware and services to satisfy workload performance and availability. As the leading supplier of SAP infrastructure, HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA delivers the performance, control and security needed for the most demanding of mission-critical applications.

GreenLake for Big Data

GreenLake for Big Data accelerates time-to-value with asymmetric or symmetrical configurations, and there are no security issues or risks associated with repatriation once datasets are shipped to third-party data centers.

GreenLake for EDB Postgres

Reduce TCO and simplify operations with this Oracle-compatible1 open-source database platform. Your teams will be able to better focus on applications and insights that will drive business outcomes.

GreenLake for Backup

Pay for exactly what you back up. Yes, it’s that simple. GreenLake for backup includes Commvault software that’s pre-integrated on your choice of HPE StoreOnce or HPE 3PAR Storage.

Now combine GreenLake with HPE Pointnext

HPE Pointnext can not only monitor and manage the entire solution, but it provides customers with a portal that delivers key analytics and detailed consumption metrics.

Questions? Call on the experts

If you have additional questions or need more information about HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity and the many benefits it can provide your IT organization, contact one of the talented and tenured solutions architects or engineers at GDT. They can be reached at or at They’d love to hear from you.


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