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Cisco’s financing options you’ll wish other industries would adopt

By Richard Arneson

We finance all manner of things: homes, cars, boats, motorcycles, education, vacations, etc. Why not finance your road to digital transformation? Without going too much into how your organization’s digital roadmap could automate processes, save the time and expense of managing and maintaining legacy networks, and provide the opportunity to go to market much faster with solutions that could grow your bottom line, you’ll happy to learn that Cisco Capital® offers financing options that will help speed up your digital transformation. In fact, when you learn about them you’ll wish similar options would be available for the seemingly endless things you can finance. 

Cisco Open Pay

Imagine financing a car and only having to pay for the times you use it. If it sits in your garage for a month, your car note arrives with a $0 balance. While Cisco Open Pay can’t help you with your car loan, they provide that exact service for Cisco technologies, such as data center, network, compute and storage. With it you can minimize upfront costs, utilize a budget-friendly way to address usage spikes and order exactly what you’ll eventually need to better align your budget with future usage.

Cisco Easy Pay

Obtain the latest Cisco technology without upfront costs and enjoy 0% financing for up to three (3) years. And with Cisco Easy Pay, you’ll be protected against technology obsolescence by being able to, at the end of the term, return the hardware, refresh it or purchase it for 10% of its original purchase price.

Cisco Security EA (Enterprise Agreement) 0%

Cisco Capital® hasn’t left anything to chance. As one (1) of the leaders in network security solutions, they offer financing for Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) at the perfect financing rate of 0%! Customers receive licensing of software, including upgrades and support, in a single multiyear agreement so all expire at the same time. You’ll receive the many benefits Cisco security solutions offer with a predictable, budget-friendly fixed price.

Cisco Collaborate Everywhere

According to a recent study, ninety-seven percent (97%) of employees believe a lack of collaboration delays projects’ outcomes. And because collaborative technologies and solutions generally become obsolete faster than most, Cisco Capital® has an answer to address this oft-overlooked, yet critically important productivity need. Ensure you’re staying on top of collaborative Cisco technologies, and you’ll soon enjoy operational efficiencies, enhanced employee productivity and cost reductions through the integration of voice, data and video. Oh, and financing rates, based on the option you choose, are as low as 0%.

Cisco SMB 5% Payment Solution

Designed specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses, Cisco’s SMB 5% payment solution enables smaller companies to enjoy Cisco equipment and solutions, as well. You’ll enjoy the right solution that can easily expand as your business grows, and flexible payment options won’t stress your budget and will allow you to allocate funds for other critical, pressing needs.
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