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GDT and CloudFabrix to Jointly Offer NextGen IT Transformation Services

Dallas, TX – GDT, a leading IT integrator and data center solutions provider, and CloudFabrix, an AIOps Software vendor, have joined forces to accelerate the IT transformation journey for customers with next generation managed services built on the CloudFabrix cfxDimensions AIOps platform. As a result, GDT will enhance its current managed services offerings, which include cloud, hybrid IT, IoT and customized DevOps solutions. Ideal for VARs and MSPs, the CloudFabrix AIOps platform provides product and services suites for enterprise customers and MSPs, and offers a wide array of foundational capabilities, including any-time, any-source Data Ingestion, Dynamic Asset Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Blockchain, among others.
The CloudFabrix AlOps platform, which addresses cloud, security and architectural needs, also provides implementation services and enterprise support to VARs and MSPs, all of which greatly reduces partners’ time to value (TtV). Now GDT, when combined with its tremendous engineering skillsets and vast experience providing managed services to customers of all sizes and from a wide range of industries, will be able to further enhance what it’s provided to customers for over 20 years―the delivery of highly innovative IT solutions with a customer-first focus.
“CloudFabrix has already enabled GDT to address many of the architectural and security needs of our customers,” said GDT President Vinod Muthuswamy. “And that, combined with our experience delivering managed services, cloud, hybrid IT, IoT and customized DevOps solutions to customers, will accelerate and improve upon our ability to provide innovative technological solutions that ultimately help customers work on the projects that will help shape their organization’s future.”
Said CloudFabrix Chief Revenue Officer Kishan Bulusu, “We are excited about working closely with GDT, a network integrator that’s made a tremendous name for itself in the managed services, cloud and hybrid IT space. The initiatives we’ve developed at an organic level will not only enhance GDT’s service offerings, but better serve the MSP community at large. Partnering with GDT will also help CloudFabrix enhance our product and platform offerings, and allow us to focus on NextGen technological and architectural capabilities. This will ultimately help CloudFabrix better address and serve the unique needs of our partners’ customers.”
About GDT
Headquartered in Dallas, TX and with approximately 700 employees, GDT is a global IT integrator and solutions provider approaching $1 Billion in annual revenue. GDT aligns itself with industry leaders, providing the design, build, delivery and management of IT solutions and services. GDT specializes in the consulting, designing, deploying, and managing of advanced technology solutions for businesses, service providers, government, and healthcare. The GDT team of expert architects and engineers maintain the highest level of certifications to translate the latest ideas and technologies into innovative solutions that realize the vision of business leaders.
 About CloudFabrix
CloudFabrix enables Responsive & Business aligned IT by making your IT more agile, efficient and analytics driven. CloudFabrix accelerates enterprises to holistically develop, modernize and govern IT processes, applications and operations to meet business outcomes in a consistent and automated manner. CloudFabrix AIops Platform simplifies and unifies IT operations and governance of both traditional and modern applications across multi-cloud environments. CloudFabrix accelerates enterprise’s cloud native journey by providing many built-in foundational services and turnkey operational capabilities. CloudFabrix is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.