Customer Success Story

Software Adoption on a Global Scale

By Richard Arneson

A large, multi-national oil & gas corporation whose offices span the globe needed help understanding how to partition, organize and track the utilization of throughout its organization, numbered at well over 10,000 employees.

’s Smart Software Licensing

A couple of years ago, Cisco introduced smart licensing, a -based software license management tool that greatly improved the way software licensing has been historically managed. Cisco Smart Software Licensing enables automation for licensing, which replaces the time-intensive, manual management of PAKs (product activation keys) for each user. Now software licenses are pooled and not locked onto devices or individuals, and can be utilized on any company-owned device. And it can all be managed through Cisco’s Smart Software Manager.


The customer, however, given the size and segmentation of its organization and the number of applications being utilized, was struggling with managing, partitioning and delivering their Cisco smart licenses in a logical and timely manner. The customer needed experts in software licensing and asset management to conduct a hands-on workshop to educate their IT professionals on how to understand, and get the most from, Cisco’s Smart Software Licensing. They turned to GDT, their trusted, long-time partner and network vendor, whose Software Lifecycle and Adoption Management () practice is solely focused on helping customers manage and properly utilize their Cisco software licenses.

Fact-Finding Comes First

GDT’s tenured team of software lifecycle professionals first conducted interviews with the customer’s personnel to better understand exactly how their organization was segmented worldwide. As well, GDT’s team identified each business unit’s software usage and respective needs, and how they could gain visibility into usage trends while also tracking license status. The initial interviews allowed them to better customize a workshop that not only delivered valuable , but addressed their specific software licensing issues, needs and reporting requirements.

GDT Workshop Delivers Education, Business-Driving Recommendations

GDT delivered a workshop for IT personnel to, among other things, make recommendations on how to best organize their software licenses. In addition, they analyzed all customer software to determine which were, and weren’t, smart enabled. GDT determined that well over 100 applications were identified as such, and now, as a result, the customer can utilize the Cisco Smart Software Manager to track usage trends on those additional applications, as well.


GDT’s Software Adoption Workshop instructed the customer on how to track utilization of all software licenses, transfer license management, change how software is deployed, and gain faster license adoption. Now they can, with a few simple clicks, move licensing from device to device. Software installed can now automatically self-register, activations can be automatically tracked against license entitlements, and their new, integrated view can help with future software expenditures by determining what has been purchased, and whether has taken place. And time-consuming, manual processes and headaches related to RMAs (Return Material Authorizations) are now greatly reduced.


This long-standing GDT customer, which for years has utilized GDT’s engineering and architectural experience for their , enterprise and needs, found the workshop so informative and helpful that they’ve hired GDT’s Software Lifecycle and Adoption Management team to conduct additional, deeper-dive workshops.

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