Customer Success Story

If not for this long-term partnership, a Service Provider’s Network Security could have affected millions

A prominent, national service provider with over 150 million subscribers needed not only the right equipment for a security solution, but a network and systems integrator to stage, deliver, test and deploy it. In addition, they required the experience and skill sets of an on-site engineer to oversee the implementation and ensure it perfectly addressed the customer’s high demands.

It starts with the right technology…

After discussions with the customer’s key stakeholders, GDT knew Palo Alto, its long-term strategic partner, had the perfect solution in their arsenal—the Palo Alto PA-5220, an appliance that is part of its PA-5200 Series next-generation firewall solutions set. The PA-5220 provides needed visibility, high throughput and predictable performance so all traffic, including encrypted traffic, can be easily controlled and monitored. And the PA-5220 provides dedicated processing resources specifically assigned to networking, signature matching, management and, of course, security. In addition, it supports 171,000 new sessions per second and twenty (20) virtual routers.

…then requires Staging and Logistics professionals…

Upon receipt of the Palo Alto PA-5220s at GDT’s Innovation Campus, highly-trained professionals at its 1.8 million cu. ft. lab and staging facility promptly got to work. GDT’s Staging and Warehousing team inventoried each piece of equipment and provided the customer with a custom portal to track each asset’s progress in the staging cycle. The PA-5220s were powered up for seventy-two (72) hour burn-in testing, after which necessary firmware was installed, each device was properly configured, and no error messages were detected. Once completed, GDT handled all shipping logistics, which included necessary cabling provided by DataOne Manufacturing, which provides customized Layer 1 solutions for GDT customers.

…incorporates the perfect engineering resources…

Based on the customer’s needs, including its tight time frame, GDT deployed an on-site engineer to ensure the installation, implementation and testing of both Palo Alto PA-5220s were carefully conducted, and that both were delivering the required performance.

…utilizes unparalleled Project Management…

GDT’s Project Management practice, comprised of professionals who maintain the highest project management certifications in the IT industry, oversaw the project, which included the initial hardware delivery to GDT’s Labs and Staging facility, all logistics, needed technical resources, and the implementation and testing of each PA-5220. GDT Project Management conducted on-going customer status calls and ensured the firewall solution delivered exactly what the customer needed.

…and provided what the GDT and Palo Alto partnership has delivered for years―A Secure Network and a Satisfied Customer

GDT’s “One GDT” approach successfully brings together best-of-breed technology providers, such as Palo Alto, with GDT’s industry-leading IT experts, including solutions architects, engineers, security analysts, developers, project managers, and more. The “One GDT” approach helps customers realize the vision and goals of their digital transformation journey.

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