Customer Success Story

GDT and Cisco ACI―speed-to-market speeds up for financial services firm

A large, Texas-based financial services firm that provides a full spectrum of banking products and services for consumers and businesses, found that their existing, legacy hardware-centric network architecture didn’t enable them to accomplish several things that would ultimately provide their clients with an optimal customer experience. In their highly competitive and crowded marketplace, issues related to customer service can make or break a financial services firm, whether they’re local, regional or national.

The client needed a data center solution that would allow them to quickly deploy new technologies, services and applications, while enabling them to easily troubleshoot network issues.

The client turned to the only network services and systems integrator that, based on prior experience, they knew employed solutions architects and engineers who could develop and deploy a solution to address their issues and meet their goals. They turned to GDT.

GDT Professional Services

After conducting in-depth interviews with the client’s key stakeholders, GDT called on its 20+ years of experience working with Cisco, one of its key premier partners. GDT’s team of highly tenured and talented solutions architects and engineers were confident that Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) data center fabric solution would perfectly address the customer’s specific needs. It did. Perfectly.

The Cisco ACI Data Center Fabric

Based on its family of Nexus 9000 switches, Cisco’s ACI solution is a policy-driven, data center fabric that perfectly integrates software and hardware. Policies can be pushed out to either a Cisco AVS (application virtual switch) or a physical leaf switch, which can be supported by Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders (FEXs).

Cisco ACI Management

At the heart of any SDN solution is a controller, and Cisco’s ACI solution utilizes an APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller) to manage and configure policies on each of the Nexus switches. No configurations are tied to any one (1) device, which makes the hardware stateless and, as a result, allows it to be rapidly deployed.

GDT’s Project Management

Implementing an ACI solution of this size requires the coordination of experts from a variety of practices, and GDT’s Project Management team is highly experienced and skillful at doing just that. Their experience, talents and certifications are unparalleled in the industry, and they promptly crafted and presented a comprehensive ACI implementation plan to include GDT’s Professional Services practice, which has overseen, managed and executed innovative solutions for thousands of customers from a wide variety of industries. They’re composed of consultants, analysts, solutions architects and engineers whose vast expertise and experience separates them from most in the industry.

Based on the roadmap developed by the Project Management team, GDT’s Professional Services experts completed the following in a restricted time frame, and without network downtime or delays in service or deployment—equipment configurations and staging, external virtual and physical domain testing, detailed and ongoing documentation creation, cable matrices for all network assets, cluster and controller setup, and the configuration and testing of all external bridges and Layer 3 connections.

A proven and time-honored partnership

The customer now enjoys what thousands have in the past―the results of a professional technological partnership that is over twenty (20) years old. They’re now farther down their path to digital transformation, are able to deploy applications and services faster than they had recently believed possible, and are utilizing technologies that are enhancing their speed-to-market and keeping them highly competitive in their highly competitive marketplace.

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