Customer Success Story

Energy Manufacturer Now a Security Powerhouse


Breaches and ransomware are top of mind in organizations around the world, and rightly so—they are perhaps the biggest issues in both government and corporate information security today. These attacks are often untargeted, opportunistic, and directed at vulnerable organizations lagging in security.


Protecting against cyberattacks has never been more important, but few companies have the needed skill sets on staff to design and implement a comprehensive security strategy. A large-scale energy manufacturer turned to GDT’s security analysts to provide a much-needed security upgrade.


As a large energy manufacturing and logistics company in the US, the customer has a large distribution network and over 14,600 employees.


Because of the immense scope of their operations, they needed as much visibility across platforms as possible.


Additionally, they needed to improve security readiness, as well as security uptime and downtime.


As longtime clients of GDT in other areas of their business, they knew to turn to our experts to tackle the dual issues of visibility and security. GDT’s security analysts replaced the customer’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), which aggregates and analyzes security data from network devices, servers, domain controllers, and more.


GDT’s security experts utilized best-of-breed security solutions to create a data platform that integrates security and infrastructure into one platform, creating visibility across the organization from a single source. The new SIEM enabled the customer to amplify the impact of their data, act faster to solve problems and identify opportunities, and scale without compromising performance.


12 Months


What works to defend against cyber threats today may not work tomorrow, and that awareness is what has enabled GDT’s platform-centered security approach to stand above our competitors’ product-led strategies for over 25 years. Our cyber security partner ecosystem is comprised of leaders in platform-centric security, and when our trusted partners’ solutions are combined with GDT’s industry expertise, enhanced awareness, reduced risk and operational excellence are the outcomes.


GDT’s Solution Engineers and Security Analysts manage, monitor and protect IT infrastructures of all sizes, including those for some of the most notable enterprises, service providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the world.

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