Customer Success Story

Collaboration implementation for healthcare system giant

A large, public healthcare system and provider of indigent care and Level 1 trauma services found itself in need of a groundbreaking overhaul to its communication capabilities. This overhaul included services at its main hospital, as well as 50 additional, geographically disparate facilities throughout Texas. The solution(s) needed to be applied without interruption to access to critical patient records and hospital operations data. It also needed to provide the necessary scalability and flexibility to meet the ever-evolving demands of their unique industry.

Delivering excellence

The client design called for the support of 200 analog phone lines to be used primarily for emergency service support at the main hospital, and required the addition of nearly 20,000 wireless IP, video, conference, and patient phones, as well as the deployment of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

An enterprise-wide overhaul of this magnitude requires a high level of skill and forethought to ensure operations and communications aren’t negatively impacted during implementation. GDT utilized a full-spectrum of GDT associates, including engineers, project managers, and lab and logistics experts, in a large-scale deployment that included Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers, along with the phones and supporting equipment, licenses, and services.

Why UCS?

Cisco UCS is an integrated, scalable, multi-chassis and next-generation data center platform that proved ideal for the size and scope of this healthcare provider’s communications infrastructure. UCS unites computing, networking, storage access and virtualization, and helps to reduce total cost of ownership while increasing business agility.

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