Customer Success Story

A poor infrastructure costs a wireless provider more than they had imagined

It’s not often that networking solutions can be measured in employee attrition rates. And if those departing employees are members of an organization’s IT and technical staff, it could easily take a year to get their replacements operating at an optimal level. It results in lengthy and expensive candidate searches―which often takes months―interviews, onboarding and training, then hoping they possess, along with the needed technical skill sets, the right soft skills, such as communication, time and project management, and work ethic.


One of the country’s largest wireless voice and data providers turned to GDT Managed Services professionals to help solve this very issue. The client was an existing customer and had already been utilizing GDT’s Staffing Solutions practice to successfully augment their fractured IT department. But the client knew that their existing approach was a Band-Aid fix and didn’t address what lay at the core of their issue―the inability to satisfy internal customers’ technical and IT needs.


They were left with dissatisfied end users and a technical staff whose long hours resulted in employee burnout, which often evolved to resignations. In addition, end users were left with systems and processes that either didn’t work or caused unnecessary delays in task and project completion(s).

The wrong skill sets result in employee dissatisfaction

Ultimately, the client didn’t have the right and necessary technical and engineering skill sets on staff to satisfy the needs of their internal customers. Their network was composed of a mix of assets from OEMs Cisco and Citrix, among others. An array of needed features were either unavailable or didn’t work properly, and even the simplest of MACDs (Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes) weren’t completed in a timely manner.


After multiple fact-finding meetings with the client, including tours of GDT’s state-of-the-art Network and Security Operations Center, GDT’s Managed Services professionals developed the perfect managed services solution. It would not only reduce their high IT and engineering attrition rates, but deliver what the client’s internal customers had needed for years—immediate answers and expedient fixes related to IT and technical support issues. With the help of GDT’s Managed Services team, the client would enjoy 24x7x365 Service Desk support, MACDs, availability monitoring and the management of incidents, vendors, alerts, capacity, releases and product lifecycle.

Project Management unparalleled in the IT Industry

While implementing any IT and/or networking solution can instill fear and trepidation in the minds of the most confident of customers, GDT’s Project Management team quickly allayed the client’s concerns. They’re composed of highly experienced and skillful project management professionals who carefully and conscientiously guide customers throughout the entire project, from the initial kick-off call to deployment, testing and knowledge transfer. They have overseen, managed and executed innovative solutions for thousands of customers of all sizes, and from a wide array of industries.

Enjoying the benefits of a proactive, not reactive, IT and Engineering Team

Now that the client’s internal customers are enabled to fully utilize their systems and related processes―and get faster issue resolution―the IT and technical staff can more proactively focus on designing, developing and deploying solutions that will help deliver positive business outcomes for years to come. And based on this project’s success, the client has engaged GDT’s Managed Security team so they will soon enjoy the same proactive service and support of their network security needs.


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