Overcome These 7 Challenges to Optimize Your Hybrid Multi-cloud Journey

Moving a Business to the Cloud Safely

In today’s world of automation and Artificial Intelligence , companies and individuals have grown to rely more and more on technology that enables them to promote and drive their business primarily on the Internet.  Intent based networking does just that, allowing individuals and businesses globally to automate their processes using software, in order to improve network operations and uptime.


Cisco Cloudlock is a cloud-native cloud access security broker (CASB) that helps you move to the cloud safely. It protects your cloud users, data, and apps. Cloudlock’s simple, open, and automated approach uses APIs to manage the risks in your cloud app ecosystem. With Cloudlock you can more easily combat data breaches while meeting compliance regulations. A few of the most significant features of Cisco Cloudlock include User security through advanced machine learning algorithms that detect anomalies, data security with loss prevention, and app security using Cloudlock Apps Firewall.


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