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A simple solution to a complex problem

simple solution to complex problem

By Richard Arneson

GDT’s Staffing Solutions team accomplishes in a week what usually takes others months

Technological advancement is fantastic, until it’s time to find the right people who can turn those advancement into the benefits they’ve been touted to deliver. No company understood this better than a global manufacturing corporation with offices in four (4) continents. Their existing cloud migration was being managed and monitored by IT professionals who didn’t have the experience or skill sets needed to deliver the benefits C-level executives were counting on—reduced costs, enhanced collaboration, better DR (disaster recovery) options, and more agile operations.

“Now what do we do?”

Once a cloud migration has been completed, this is an all-too-common question many IT professionals ask themselves. According to a survey conducted by a noted IT research firm, ninety-six percent (96%) of respondents stated that their organization currently uses the cloud. Now, line that figure next to this one (1): ninety percent (90%) of respondents felt that their organization experienced a definite skills gap related to cloud technology. In other words, most use the cloud, but almost all of them don’t have the people to migrate to it, then manage, monitor and optimize it. The customer was no different; it included itself within that 90th percentile.

Personnel gaps? Meet GDT Staffing Solutions

One of the most challenging aspects of moving to the cloud lies in its initial migration, but that should comprise only a fraction of a cloud strategy. Cloud services must continually be managed, monitored and optimized, and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and BaaS (Backup as a Service) need to be taken into consideration. In addition, if automation is not considered, then utilized where and when it’s needed, a cloud migration can prevent IT staff from proactively focusing on the future and remain stuck in the past. The customer fully understood all of this, and knew which network and systems integrator to rely on so they could fully realize their cloud dreams—GDT.

Interviews + listening skills = the right professional, and fast

Before a single call was made, GDT’s staffing professionals asked key questions that, based on the customer’s answers, helped them find more than a professional with extensive cloud experience. It enabled them to uncover the right professional, one that not only understood how to manage, monitor and optimize the customers’ cloud deployment, but also satisfied the needed soft skills, such as adaptability, communications, organizational and time management.

What would have likely taken months for the customer’s HR and recruiting team took GDT’s staffing solutions professionals a week. That’s five (5) business days to find a professional certified in the exact public cloud provider, had experience working in the right industry and for an organization with similar IT demands and applications, would perfectly mesh with their department’s array of personalities, and could hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.  

As a result of GDT placing the ideal cloud professional in the customer’s IT organization, they are currently working with GDT to help quickly augment their engineering staff so a key initiative can be completed within a tight timeframe.

GDT Staffing Solutions—matching the right skills and experience to help customers enjoy their technology investments

GDT’s team of staffing professionals call on twenty-five (25) years of experience delivering IT professionals who help clients achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and enjoy an enhanced ability to drive key initiatives. They not only utilize a database of IT professionals unparalleled in the industry, but their extensive network is segmented to quickly match specific client needs with IT professionals who can help optimize and enhance solutions.


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