Overcome These 7 Challenges to Optimize Your Hybrid Multi-cloud Journey


By Richard Arneson How often do you and your buddies sit around and talk about fiber optics? That little, huh. It would be a bit like chewing the fat about your home’s electrical wiring. Sure, it could happen, but conversations related to politics, sports, religion, et al. will probably trump

By Richard Arneson Think back to that Accounting 101 class you took in college. As an English major, I found the class to be miles on the other side difficult. I thought I’d accidentally signed up for the CPA prep course. But the first thing you learn is (let’s all

By Richard Arneson To detail in a book the benefits that the digital age has delivered over the past twenty (20) would make Moby Dick look like a brochure. In a much, much smaller book would be a list of any negative ramifications, most of which would fall under the

By Richard Arneson The Innovator’s Dilemma is a fascinating book written in 1997 by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard professor who coined the term disruptive technology. He considered it one (1) of two (2) technological categories, the other being sustaining technology. Christensen defined disruptive technology as any that, while being new,

By Richard Arneson Apologies for the headline in the event you’ll soon label it as an act of sensationalism, but the topic of today’s blog needs to be considered, then forwarded, if you or others you know have implemented, or are in the planning stages of implementing, your organization’s IoT

By Richard Arneson In 1992, several years prior to the Dot.com Bubble and when cell phones were the size, shape and weight of a canned ham, a company was born in Sunnyvale, California, located at the bottom tip of the San Francisco Bay. NetApp was the brainchild of three (3)

By Richard Arneson Whether you’re looking to implement a virtualization strategy, or are in the market to replace your current solution, you’ve got a decision to make―which hypervisor should I purchase? Remember, hypervisors are basically a platform for VMs and abstract physical resources from host hardware, such as, among other

Yes, it’s hard to argue the importance of the number one (1).It’s what all teams aspire to, and where you want to sit when your company’s sales stack rankings come out. But don’t forget the power of three (3). Two (2) of something can be chalked up to coincidence, but

When organizations first began to realize that they’d become reliant on their computer systems, a new service was invented, or, at least, was needed―Disaster Recovery. Prior to that, disaster recovery meant little more than making sure your insurance premiums were paid up. This new reliance on computers―primarily due to mainframes