Overcome These 7 Challenges to Optimize Your Hybrid Multi-cloud Journey


TikTok Social Media App
In a year of filled with concerns such as a global pandemic, murder hornets, and so much more, the crisis du jour for Americans is now…TikTok?
With social distancing guidelines still in effect, this Independence Day will undoubtedly look a little different than usual, but here are four ways technology can help you celebrate the 4th of July despite the restrictions in place.
NetApps Innovative Solutions
Is remote work the “new normal,” and if so, how should their business plan for a more flexible and secure remote-friendly future?
Software Investments
The unfortunate reality is that many businesses, armed with the best of intentions, spend millions on software designed to offer more efficiency, visibility, ROI, and more—only to have that software never be utilized to its full potential and gather dust on a shelf. Here’s what to know and what questions
covid cloud
While collaboration tools and online shopping and entertainment took center stage in the early days of coronavirus stay-at-home orders, the cloud worked behind the scenes to enable remote work and entertainment.
coronavirus cybersecurity challenges
As organizations divert resources to other parts of their business, they may be leaving their infrastructure exposed. Even though other concerns may seem more important right now, the truth is that protecting your company’s assets has never been more important. The risk to digital assets during a time of crisis
customer experience
With millions furloughed or suffering in other ways, CX can currently be measured in how well the company delivers experiences with empathy and care. But looking forward, businesses must prepare for longer-term shifts in consumer behavior because of coronavirus. Here’s how.
2020 IT trends
In January, we spoke about 6 trends to watch for in 2020, but for all of the predictions and hopes we had for the year, 2020 clearly had its own set of plans.
next-generation firewall
While a traditional firewall typically provides stateful inspection of incoming and outgoing network traffic, a next-generation firewall also blocks threats such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks