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By Richard Arneson GDT’s Staffing Solutions team accomplishes in a week what usually takes others months Technological advancement is fantastic, until it’s time to find the right people who can turn those advancement into the benefits they’ve been touted to deliver. No company understood this better than a global manufacturing

Blockchain is now addressing the age-old question that has haunted hiring managers for years—are job candidates being truthful?

By Richard Arneson Raise your hand if you don’t work for an IT staffing agency. If your hand is still in the air, ask yourself this question ― “Do I feel like I’m in the IT staffing business?” You may feel that way if you’ve ever been tasked with finding

By Richard Arneson Whether you call it IT staff augmentation or IT project outsourcing (they’re actually different in the event you’d like to read about it), there’s no question that the IT industry has adopted both in force. In the IT industry alone, the number of contracted, external technical professionals

By Richard Arneson Yes, staff augmentation and outsourcing are different, but if you’re needing either, you’ll soon be enjoying a cost-effective solution that will―if the right professionals are secured, of course―help you meet performance and project goals. Choosing either really comes down to one (1) thing: what exactly are you

By Richard Arneson Companies have been augmenting their IT departments for years with professionals who can step in and make an immediate impact by utilizing their skill sets and empirical expertise. And it’s not limited to engineers or solutions architects. Project managers, high-level consultants, security analysts, DevOps professionals, cabling experts…the

Dallas, TX – Dallas-based technology and systems integrator GDT today announced that Troy Steele has been named Director of Staffing Services, effectively immediately. In his new role, Steele will oversee and direct GDT’s staff augmentation practice, which has a 20-year track record helping customers improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and