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New King
In 1996, then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates famously stated that “Content is King.” It’s hard to believe that nobody has made the same proclamation about the cloud.
Broadband access
The U.S. government has introduced a plan called the American Broadband Initiative (ABI) to ramp up broadband deployment to millions of Americans in rural communities.
Apparently, the road to digital transformation is paved with fewer Fortune 1,000 logos than you’d think.
The four key characteristics required to fully enjoy a hyperconverged infrastructure are Workloads, Storage, Manageability and Economics.
Data Center Modernization
If you're looking at modernizing applications, consider these things.
Business Digital Transformation Icon
While it may not be offered at liberal arts colleges, if a school offers a business degree you can count on supply chain classes being filled to the brim.

By Richard Arneson Let me get this out of the way first—IT transformation isn’t the same as digital transformation. The former is more a means of getting your organization to the latter (Read more about digital transformation here). OK, now let’s get down to IT transformation.GDT premier partners Dell EMC

What is Digital Transformation?

By Richard Arneson We’ve all heard of it; we know our company should be striving to achieve it; but what exactly is…digital transformation? Many people, at least those outside of the IT and telecommunications industries, may have been first introduced to the digital world through clocks or CD’s, leaving them