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GDT Adds Enterprise Networking to List of Cisco Master Specializations

DALLAS, Texas, July 24, 2020 — General Datatech (GDT), a Cisco Gold Partner, announced today that it has obtained the Cisco Master Enterprise Networking Specialization.


“The Cisco Master Enterprise Networking Specialization demonstrates how our organization is centered on helping our customers,” said Tom Ducatelli, GDT’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers demand the highest level of expertise and service, which is why we vigorously pursue high-level certifications that attest to our world-class capabilities in a broad range of technologies and solutions. We are proud to add Master Networking to our growing list of Cisco Master Specializations, and we will continue to work closely with our partners at Cisco to develop innovative networking solutions and services that offer customers unrivaled value, protection, and performance.”


The network changes fast, becoming more complex and vulnerable to the millions of threats attacking it every day. GDT helps our customers minimize these complexities and provide visibility and insight into their networks. Our intent-based networking expertise allows us to build the most secure and advanced networks.


Master Specializations are Cisco’s highest and most exclusive level of certification, recognizing partners with the greatest capability and expertise in a given technology area. Achieving this designation requires advanced-level architecture specialization, demonstration of master-level capabilities, and a proven track record of customer success.


Master Networking joins the numerous highest-level Cisco certifications and specializations that GDT holds, including Master Collaboration, Master Security, Master Cloud Builder, and Master Service Provider.


What is it: Cisco’s Masters Specializations are Cisco’s highest technical certification for a partner. Much like Cisco’s associate, professional, and expert level individual certifications, each Cisco Partner Specialization has an Express, Advanced, and Master level. The master level for partners, like the CCIE for individuals, is the most rigorous and exclusive level they offer. The Cisco Master Enterprise Networks Specialization confirms that GDT is an expert in Campus Networking, SD-WAN, SDN, Software-Defined Access, Cisco DNA, SD-WAN, ISE, Mobility, Catalyst, ISR, Stealthwatch, and more.


What it takes: Each master specialization first requires that the partner meet the requirements of the previous level. The accreditation process then requires that each partner pass an intensive third-party audit to demonstrate the partner’s ability to present, design, and deliver on Cisco’s solutions. The audit ensures Cisco that our shared clients receive the best experience and value when the purchase those solutions from a masters certified partner.


About GDT

Founded in 1996, GDT is an award-winning, technology integration partner. GDT specializes in designing, building, and delivering best-of-breed technology solutions for service providers, enterprise networks, data centers, and more. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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