Customer Success Story

Data center concerns? Meet the experts to address them

A federal credit union with over fifty (50) branches nationwide needed a comprehensive strategy to relocate its  to a colocation facility. Its demands required a multi-stage approach, including discovery, planning, design,  and migration. It was a large, critically-important project. Which is precisely why they turned to the systems and network integrator they had utilized time and again to ensure mission-critical processes delivered the most from their IT expenditures. They turned to GDT.

A new era for data centers

Like so many companies in the digital age, the customer’s data center delivered far more than those siloed, cumbersome and hard-to-manage infrastructures of old. Today’s modern data center, if designed and deployed correctly, becomes an agile machine that makes organizations more competitive, helps them bring applications to market faster, delivers to customers a superior user experience (UX) and maximizes IT expenditures. The customer was counting on enjoying those benefits, and many more, immediately upon the project’s completion.


GDT’s Project Management practice, which is comprised of some of the most tenured and highly certified personnel in the industry, led the charge. After thorough interviews with the customer’s key stakeholders, they created a detailed project schedule that incorporated several GDT teams, including the  and  practice within its , Design Engineering and , with personnel located throughout the United States.

GDT Design Engineering

GDT design engineers initially conducted a site survey of the new data center. They assessed future needs, including new patch and infrastructure cabling, rack space and power outlets. They then architected a logical future state design that closely followed current data center methodologies. The design incorporated the customer’s production and secondary data centers, which included all hardware, software, network, interrelated dependencies and backup strategies.

Staging and Logistics

GDT’s Integration Lab and Staging Center, a 1.7 million cu. ft. state-of-the-art facility staffed by talented, tenured engineers and technicians, unpacked, power-tested and staged each network component based on the customer’s specifications. GDT’s Logistics team provided to the customer a complete inventory of all network devices, which included copies of all applicable configuration files. They provided the customer with a portal through which they could track the status of each network device. They ensured all fully configured inventory arrived prior to GDT’s implementation phase.

When the rubber meets the road

GDT’s Field Operations team were on-site for the physical implementation, which included all patch cabling and the implementation and validation of software levels and associated licensing. They provided the customer with a logical configuration of all network components, including copies of all final configuration files.

GDT engineers implemented the VPN migration roadmap they’d designed for each of the customer’s ten (10) VPN tunnels. They migrated a dozen bare metal physical servers, over two hundred (200) Virtual Machines (VMs) and ensured partner connections were up and tested. In total, GDT successfully migrated over twenty (20) types of existing hardware from six (6) different OEMs. Additionally, they installed twenty (20) new devices from seven (7) different OEMs, including Cisco, HPE, IBM and McAfee.


Delivering security, agility, efficiency, scalability and risk mitigation, while greatly reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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