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FlexPod: Flexibility for the Future

FlexPod flexibility

Data never stops. As users and applications grow, so too does the need to effectively store and process the data they need. However, there are significant hurdles to overcome to find the data infrastructure that meets the exact needs of your business. For some, their data may be too sensitive to store in a public cloud, but the cost of storing and processing that data locally may be too high.

That’s where FlexPod comes in. A versatile converged infrastructure platform that lets you unleash the potential of your data, FlexPod consists of the best technologies from Cisco and NetApp, designed to fuel your deployments with the latest technological innovations. Deployment is fast, scaling is easy, and performance is unmatched with a solution that is tailored to meet application and workload demands, whether they reside on premises or in the cloud.

FlexPod solutions are tested and documented through Cisco Validated Designs, which help reduce risk and guesswork for implementation, with more than 170 deployment scenarios and delivery models available. FlexPod  delivers a simplified, standardized, and trusted approach for the use and management of IT resources.

FlexPod allows your IT staff to consolidate more workloads onto fewer servers so there are fewer components to buy and manage. Components with low power-consumption, simplified connectivity mechanisms, and an efficient cabinet design result in a unique architecture that reduces cabling, power, and cooling requirements. Not only that, FlexPod also allows you to scale and repurpose systems without having to adjust software or networking capabilities or interrupt operations. With built-in automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management capabilities, you can simplify deployment and make it easy for your IT staff to operationally integrate your bare-metal and virtual infrastructure resources to address complex, time-consuming, manual, and compartmentalized processes. Looking ahead to the future, FlexPod makes it easy to scale up your integrated infrastructure for greater performance and capacity or scale out if you need multiple consistent deployments.

FlexPod is an adaptable platform that combines Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus switches, NetApp storage systems, and virtualization software into a single solution. It transforms your data center infrastructure, allowing your applications to run more efficiently within, between, and beyond your data center boundaries. FlexPod is the top selling converged infrastructure in the world, and it’s easy to see why. If you’d like to learn more, simply fill in your information below.


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