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In the world of networking, we all want five 9’s…here's another way to get them

five 9s cloud contact center

By Richard Arneson

We’ve all done it; you may do it every day. You pick up the phone to dial up service of some type, and tap into a call center. You may not even know you’ve entered that world, but you can usually tell. You’ve typed in your phone number, maybe your account and address, and a friendly voice answers you by name and asks how they can be of service. When it goes well, great. But when it doesn’t—which sadly isn’t unusual—it can ruin your day, or at least the next few hours of it, and leave you wondering what happened to customer service.
Now imagine overseeing that call center. You’ve been tasked with a vital component of your company’s success—customer satisfaction. With poor service comes rants on Yelp and social media, and with that comes dissatisfied customers who may never spend money with your company again.
Managing a call center is a big responsibility, whether it numbers ten or thousands of agents. Selecting the right call center platform provider is critically important to its success.

Over 17, more than 2,000, and in excess of 3 billion

Those numbers represent the years of cloud contact experience, the customers worldwide and the annual customer interactions, respectively, to which Five9 can lay claim. They provide end-to-end, cloud-based call center solutions that increase agents’ productivity by utilizing omnichannel routing, analytics, WFO (workforce optimization) and AI (artificial intelligence).

A new aaS to remember…

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) pushes the customer experience to the Cloud by utilizing a contact center solutions provider’s software. And Five9 is pretty good at it—actually phenomenal–and here’s proof: for four (4) years running, Five9 has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). They are one (1) of three (3) companies considered by Gartner as leaders in this space—the rest of the pack is playing catch-up.

Here’s how they do it

Five9 Cloud Contact Center not only provides call centers with the software needed, but they handle the phone service, too. With it, you can track and manage all incoming and outgoing customer interactions. But those interactions aren’t merely limited to phone calls. They include emails, chats, social media, and more.
It’s one hundred percent (100%) cloud-based, so there are no upfront or ongoing investments in equipment or infrastructure. Here’s how it works for agents—connect to the Internet, log in and pop on a headset. It’s that easy. Everything that’s offered through costly, maintenance-heavy on-prem systems can be achieved with Five9. Pricing is based on usage, seats and features, and customers can utilize annual or month-to-month plans.
The days of designing, building, managing, monitoring, integrating and maintaining an on-prem call center solution can soon become little more than a “the way things used to be” memory.


A key element of call center management relates to reporting, including the recording of agent interactions. Five9 provides real-time and historical reporting. You can monitor precisely how busy your call center is at any given time, including the length of calls. And historical reporting enables Five9 customers to easily customize reports that will address their specific needs, and they can be automatically pushed out to management at a time of their choosing.


With Five9 Omnichannel, you can bridge the divide between different types of communication channels, whether voice or digital, with a unified and intuitive desktop. And with their intelligent routing feature, you’ll know that regardless of the channel utilized, interactions will be delivered to the right resource each and every time. And all reporting and recording features, including workforce management (WFM), quality monitoring and integration with your CRM, are omnichannel-ready.
Reliable, secure, compliant and scalable, all of which, when combined, create a great experience for your customers—that’s Five9.

Use your resources—call on the experts

Talking to professionals who’ve helped companies enhance their operations and grow their bottom line should be a key element of your technology road map. GDT’s tenured, talented solutions architects, engineers and security analysts understand how to positively incorporate change by designing and deploying innovative solutions that help customers realize greater productivity, enhanced operations and more revenue. GDT helps organizations transform their legacy environments into highly productive digital infrastructures and architectures. You can reach them at or at Engineering They’d love to hear from you.
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