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Digital Transformation

Number 7
For the 7th year in a row, AppDynamics, a San Francisco-based application performance management and IT operations analytics company, proudly sits in the Leader quadrant for APM (Application Performance Monitoring).
Strategic Decision-Making
Desperation and Amazon don’t really go together, so it may come as a shock to learn that they’re punting on most of their business operations in China.
Nvidia data center strategy
With the Mellanox purchase, Nvidia will be able to optimize data center-sized workloads across the entire networking, compute and storage stacks, resulting in greater utilization, higher performance and lower operating costs for customers.
Architectural Imagination
Organizations that know how to use their proliferation of data will be able to better develop new sources of revenue and service customers, and become more competitive. That’s where Intelligent storage steps in.
Broadband access
The U.S. government has introduced a plan called the American Broadband Initiative (ABI) to ramp up broadband deployment to millions of Americans in rural communities.
Apparently, the road to digital transformation is paved with fewer Fortune 1,000 logos than you’d think.
The four key characteristics required to fully enjoy a hyperconverged infrastructure are Workloads, Storage, Manageability and Economics.

Remember the days when finding your next appointment meant pulling over, fumbling with a map, then trying to line up the creases before shoving it into your glove compartment? Oh, and if you were running late, finding a phone booth and a quarter held sway over locating a misplaced, winning

Data Center Modernization
If you're looking at modernizing applications, consider these things.