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If content is king, then video is its right-hand man

Content is king

By Richard Arneson

There’s a reason that YouTube has over a billion unique visitors each month―video works, whether for marketing, training, webcasting, collaboration, or just plain entertainment. But it’s no longer about cute cats or spectacular sports highlights. Video is—or definitely should be–an integral tool in a company’s communications arsenal. Here’s one (1) of the many reasons why:
Cisco predicts that at least eighty percent (80%) of all Internet traffic will be video by the time 2020 arrives. And there are several reasons for their prediction, not the least of which relates to Google and how their search algorithms just love video content. And as long as we’re talking about SEO, several studies estimate that video gets anywhere from thirty to forty percent (30-40%) higher click-through and conversion rates than text. And, let’s face it, we’re living in a video world. People don’t read like they used to, they want something easier to consume that will capture their attention for longer periods of time. Consumers want, as they said in the roaring twenties, moving pictures.

A communications medium this important requires a secure solution you can rely on time and again

A video strategy requires a solution like the one from Vbrick, a 21-year-old, Herndon, VA-based company that offers a cloud-based video platform named Rev. Whether for an enterprise, service provider and government agency, Rev does as its name suggests—rev up video communications. Noted industry research and analyst firms, such as Frost & Sullivan and Forrester, have also taken notice. In fact, Frost & Sullivan named Vbrick a market leader in Enterprise Video Platforms each of the last three (3) years.

Here’s how Vbrick’s Rev Video Platform works

Imagine your organization is trying to push high-def video to tens of thousands of viewers worldwide. You may use Facebook Live or another similar connection method, but imagine trying to accomplish this on your own with team members who may or may not be video literate. It’s risky at best, mortifying―even career impacting―at worst. Not to worry if you use Vbrick, however. They designed their own Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) so customers’ videos won’t bog down or grind their corporate network to a halt.

Capture your video content…

Rev provides highly intuitive tools that allow customers to live stream content from any device, or upload recorded videos to a highly secure and reliable library.

…Manage it…

Vbrick Rev customers can then customize and design their own, brand-friently video portal.

…and Distribute it!

Vbrick Rev is the only eCDN on the market and is supported by an intelligent and automated mesh structure, which provides customers with the most secure and reliable video delivery service on the market.

But what if I use….?

Yes, Vbrick Rev collaborates seamlessly with best-of-breed infrastructures, including Cisco, Citrix and Riverbed, or any SIP-compliant video conference software. It works so well with Cisco, in fact, that they named Vbrick their 2018 Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of the Year. And Vbrick Rev can accommodate the Single Sign-On (SSO) provider or Active Directory system of your choosing.

GDT and Vbrick―Collaborators in collaboration

GDT’s Collaboration Solutions team has worked with the experts at Vbrick to design and deploy transformative collaboration solutions for enterprises, service providers and government agencies of all sizes. Whether you need to stream video content for an all-hands meeting, deliver training curriculum to remote workers, disseminate enticing marketing information or present electrifying webcasts, GDT’s Collaboration Solutions experts can help. You can reach them at They’d love to hear from you.


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