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What does the greatest of all toys and Winthrop Resources have in common?

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By Richard Arneson

If you know anything about Tonka Trucks (the greatest gift, in my opinion, you can find under the Christmas tree), you may know that they’re Minnesota-based and named after one (1) of the state’s 10,000 lakes—Lake Minnetonka. But Minnetonka—not the lake, but the city—is home to another Minnesota stalwart:  Winthrop Resources, a 36-year-old technology finance company with a singular focus: Helping clients meet their unique technology needs by offering lower risk, customized financial solutions that align with their business objectives.
Owned by 95-year-old TCF (Twin City Federal®) Bank, with over $22 billion in assets, Winthrop Resources provides solutions for leasing technology and equipment, regardless of manufacturer, vendor, or value-added re-seller.
And in today’s disruptive technology environment, a lower risk solution is not just widely needed—for many it’s essential.
Their four (4) solutions provide flexible, customizable options to meet customers’ unique finance models and technology needs:

Lease & Rental

No industry requires the need to stay current more than technology. Today’s newest, most talked-about technology or solution can be yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye. Winthrop Resources can help free up capital for key, timely projects and initiatives, while also providing predictable, budget-friendly payments. Also, lease payments can be offset against taxable profits to accomplish what we all want—a tax bill reduction.


Wouldn’t it be nice to pay only for what you use? How about getting reduced mortgage payments because you haven’t set foot in the guest or dining room in the past month? Well, that’s what Winthrop Resources offers—a cloud-like, pay-per-use payment model for technology and all related equipment.
If you’d like to structure payments to align how a particular technology is generating profits, Winthrop Resources’ Pay-Per-Use model can answer the bell. Let’s say you require the use of 3D printer—you can pay based on usage. Pretty nice…and convenient…and predictable…and budget-friendly.


How much are you consuming? No, that’s not a personal question, it’s technology-based. And how much you consume, technologically-speaking, determines much you’ll pay. Winthrop Resources’ consumption-based option is a metered approach, much like gas and electricity. And they provide key metrics for usage tracking and monitoring. It’s the perfect approach to data center solutions, including storage, servers, converged and hyperconverged.


Unlike many technology financing options, Winthrop Resources doesn’t care which service provider, integrator, manufacturer or technology you need. Their expert financing team can take that information and customize a solution based on your financing needs, then bundle it all into a single, simple bill. And they pride themselves on possessing the skill sets and expertise in-house to help you determine which services and technologies play well together.

Stay technologically relevant

This industry and its related technologies change fast, and that’s one (1) of the many reasons we all love it—it’s exciting, it’s cutting-edge, it’s historic! But without a nimble, customizable financing solution to accommodate these constant evolutions, you might find yourself having to pass on technologies that could immediately and positively impact your organization.
Talk to the experts. Not only does GDT employ the industry’s best and brightest solutions architects, engineers and security analysts, but it is highly experienced and skillful at providing an array of technology financing options, regardless of manufacturer or solution. Combine that with our technological expertise, and your organization could soon be enjoying solutions that will shape your business for years to come. For more information, contact our technology financing experts today. They’d love to hear from you.

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