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GDT Employee Spotlight: Brad Jensen

Meet Brad Jensen, managed service solution architect, military veteran, and the founder of the Veterans Community of Interest Group here at GDT. In this month’s GDT Employee Spotlight, Brad talks about the Solution Architect team, what accountability looks like at GDT, and gives insight on the Veterans Group.

How long have you been with GDT, and what does your role entail?

Brad:  I’ve been with GDT for almost five years now, joining back in 2019. I’ve worn a few hats, starting as a solution architect and now rocking the role of an enterprise architect in the managed services and cloud spaces. My job consists of designing managed services and cloud solutions that drive our customers’ success. Pretty cool, right? It also means staying up to date with the latest tech trends, like AI/ML (machine learning), and keeping tabs on the industry’s top vendors.

Can you describe your team and its dynamics?

Brad:  The Managed Services team is like a superhero squad. We’ve got folks with diverse backgrounds, which means we can leverage each other’s strengths. We’re also spread out geographically, so we provide support regionally and globally.

Our fearless leader is Ken Langston (senior director of solution architects), and we report through Brandon Curry (VP of services), who is under Mr. Jeffrey Banister (senior VP of services). It’s a fantastic group of people who get to work all together.

Our Core Value for July is “We believe in accountability.” As someone who recently received the Solution Architect Award for the Central Region, how do you hold yourself accountable? And how does your team hold each other accountable?

Brad:  I take a somewhat selfish approach: if GDT succeeds, I succeed. Each deal is crucial, and while I do make mistakes, I own them and learn from them. It’s part of the growth process.

My team and I rely on peer reviews and constructive feedback to keep each other in check. Accountability is key to our collective success. My team does a great job of holding each other accountable. If we see a gap, we evaluate and solve the problem. Accountability and collaboration are paramount to success here at GDT.

What other aspects of GDT’s vision, mission, or values resonate with you?

Brad:  Even though our vision and mission have evolved, their core principles remain vital to GDT’s DNA. Having worked at larger organizations, I appreciate GDT’s transparency and communication. Our leadership keeps us informed, and our focus on core values, mission, and vision drives us forward together. We are also collaborative at our core as a company.

What do you enjoy most about working at GDT? What motivates you to come to work every day?

Of course, the people. Also, the daily challenges are motivating, and working with a great team in Managed Services and across GDT makes it enjoyable. The perks of being in the office are nice, but it’s the collaborative, inclusive, and goal-oriented culture that really energizes me. The success of GDT is our common goal.

You recently founded the Veterans Community of Interest Group here at GDT. Tell me more about the group and why you wanted to start it.

Brad:  Inspired by the Women in Tech group and my role in my local Disabled American Veterans group, I saw an opportunity to create a similar support system for veterans at GDT.

Our veteran population, about 6%, deserves a voice and a community. Whether combat or non-combat, veterans have unique experiences and needs. Our group aims to provide support, camaraderie, and advocacy for veterans and first responders who also face significant challenges.

How have you been able to translate your experience in the military to the professional workforce?

Brad:  The military gave me a solid foundation. My leadership, training, teamwork, and conflict-resolution skills transitioned well into the civilian world. Although shooting TOW missiles hasn’t been particularly useful in Dallas, the principles of planning and public speaking have been invaluable. The military also teaches you to have pride and ownership in your work.

It sounds like it really helped you be successful. How can employees here at GDT support the growing Veterans Community of Interest Group?

Brad:  Volunteer! Drop me an email or chat in Teams. Our core group is veterans, and we’ve extended it to include first responders. We’re also starting an auxiliary group for those who want to support but haven’t served. Everyone’s welcome to join and help out with events and activities.

I’m excited to watch the group grow! What’s a fun, unknown fact about you?

Brad:  I used to be a DJ back in the day, before hip-hop took over. I did a lot of ‘80s music, but it just depended on what people wanted. So, I did some ‘50s, ‘60s, and Elvis, but mostly ‘80s. I even got to relive some of that glory last year when we turned our home into a nightclub for my daughter’s 16th birthday, complete with DJ setup and lighting. It was a blast!

Where is your favorite place to be or travel to?

Brad:  New Zealand is on my list to revisit, especially the South Island; I would like to go back and visit the Lord of the Rings filming site. Brazil also holds a special place in my heart — the food, sights, culture, and people are amazing. Plus, I met my wonderful wife there in 2014. We’ll be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary in December, each with our own version of the story (mine’s obviously right).

What advice would you give the younger you?

Brad:  Plan better financially. It’s something you don’t think about much as a kid but becomes crucial later on. Other than that, I wouldn’t change much. I’ve had a good life, learned a lot, and I’m happy with who I’ve become. However, buying Amazon, Microsoft, or Google stock early on would have been a nice touch.

Thank you so much, Brad, for your time and willingness to share about yourself and your role here at GDT. You and your team help make GDT a Great Place to Work every day, and your dedication to your team helps make us one of the Best Workplaces in Texas. Learn more about GDT’s vibrant culture and explore our career options by visiting Life at GDT.


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