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GDT Employee Spotlight: Sarah Ammirati

GDT employee spotlight

As Operations Director of Software Services, Sarah Ammirati has seen her role grow and evolve over the past couple of years. Throughout that growth, Sarah has been able to count on GDT’s vibrant culture and people. In this GDT Employee Spotlight, get to know Sarah and see what life at GDT looks like through her eyes. 

How long have you been with GDT, and what does your role entail?

Sarah: I will have been with GDT for two years in August. Since joining GDT, I have been the operations director for the Software and Support Services team. My role entails all operational aspects of the team from developing and executing sales plays to forecasting to data analytics and reporting. I am also the product owner for GDTamp (GDT Asset Management Platform) and manage the team that operationalizes the platform. 

What do you enjoy most about working at GDT? 

Sarah: The people and culture. At GDT, we work with people who care about the success of our customers as well as each other. I also enjoy working in such an innovative environment and having the opportunity to drive key initiatives at the company, including the automation of our lifecycle assessment offered to clients. 

You can’t beat the people here at GDT. Can you share a project or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of? 

Sarah: My first project when I started at GDT was launching GDTamp, powered by Ray Allen Inc. I managed all aspects of the product launch, including platform setup, building processes, marketing content development, and client onboarding. Today I am still the product owner for the platform, and it has been exciting to see the significant benefits we’ve gained from the platform. GDTamp is a real differentiator for GDT in the market and has resulted in mindshare from both our partners and clients about GDT being a world-class lifecycle services provider. 

It is impressive to see the growth of your team and GDTamp in such a short amount of time. Can you describe your team and its dynamics?

Over the last few years, GDT has made significant investments in our people, platforms, and IP in the Software and Support Services space. We have a team of absolute rockstars who are experts in their respective areas around Software and Support Services. Not only do we collaborate well together, but we truly walk the walk of working hard and playing hard. 

With your team being all remote, how do you stay connected?

Sarah: We meet twice a year in person. Most of us are in the same Raleigh, NC area, so many of us are able to get together about once a month to collaborate. We are very lucky!  

What aspects of GDT’s vision, mission, or values resonate with you?

Sarah: GDT’s values resonate very closely with me. I enjoy working in an innovative, collaborative, and transparent culture, which GDT embodies. 

It’s awesome to be a part of a company that truly lives its core values. Do you have a mentor who has helped you along the way, and do you have any advice for someone looking for mentorship support?

Sarah: One person who made a difference in my career is my former manager from a previous role early in my career. She not only helped me grow my technical skills but also has served as a sounding board as I’ve moved across various roles and companies in my career.  

For anyone looking for mentorship support, I’d recommend looking within your team first. It’s also important to build relationships across the business so you can identify strong individuals who align with your goals and seek out opportunities to learn from them. 

You’ve been involved in GDT’s Women Leadership program, an initiative that is helping women build leadership skills here at GDT. What have you taken away from this program?

It’s been an honor to be a part of the inaugural Women’s LeadHERship program at GDT. Not only have I developed a fellowship with some amazing women leaders at GDT, but I’ve also been able to reflect and grow in my own leadership skills. One of the highlights of the program has been reading How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith. It’s a great read!

I enjoyed that book as well! If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Sarah: I would run my own professional organizing business. I love organizing to make spaces more functional and enjoyable. 

I need you to come to my house! What do you like to do outside work? 

Sarah: In my spare time, you will either find me at the tennis courts or on the golf course. 

What is your favorite travel destination?

Sarah: Italy. I studied abroad there while in college and have visited twice since graduating. We were able to go to just about every country out there, because of the trains, and travel is so cheap! 

Finally, what advice would you give the younger you? 

Sarah: Be true to yourself and believe in your abilities. 

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing a little about yourself and for the role you play in making GDT a great place to work. Learn more about GDT’s vibrant culture and explore our career options by visiting Life at GDT


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