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The Nexus of Networking

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

With data ever increasing, networking infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and distributed as well. Network operations teams must be armed with the right tools to avoid costly downtime, meet business SLAs, and address scale for geographically distributed data centers. As IT teams must now correlate information from numerous tools across hybrid environments, maneuvering through multiple applications has become a challenge as well. Business demands agility, and the traditional reactive, break-then-fix approach with multiple control points no longer works for modern IT and network teams. With the expanding scope of the roles of NetOps and DevOps, an automation toolset is needed to accelerate data center operations and securely manage the expansion to hybrid and multicloud.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard provides a single focal point to unite the disparate views of hybrid-cloud data-center operations, application deployment, and performance. Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a single launch point to monitor and scale across different sites, whether it is Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) fabric controllers, the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC), or a Cloud APIC running in a public cloud provider environment. With third-party services integrated in Nexus Dashboard, NetOps can achieve command and control over global network fabrics, optimizing performance and attaining insights into data center and cloud operations. DevOps can improve the application deployment experience for multicloud applications Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) integrations.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard is:

  • Easy to use: Customizable role-based UI view provides a focused view on network operator use cases, Single Sign-On (SSO) offers seamless user experience across operation services, and having a single console for makes health monitoring and quick service turn-up easy.
  • Easy to scale: Ensure high availability, scale-out operations from a single dashboard, and scale use cases leveraging flexible deployment options. Operations span across on-premises, multicloud, and edge networks.
  • Easy to maintain: Enjoy seamless integration and lifecycle management of operational services, and onboard and manage operational services across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

With Cisco Nexus Dashboard, you get a unified operations view across all your sites and services. Cisco Nexus Dashboard scales out based on the size, number of sites and the operational services used to manage them. It also provides the operations team with a simple and consistent way for service access control and lifecycle management of the unified operations’ infrastructure and services. Cisco Nexus Dashboard delivers unprecedented simplicity by integrating multiple data center operational tools delivering best-in-class automation and insights from a single pane of glass to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the network. The operator now has a single landing page and a consistent user experience for the administrator and operator to manage the lifecycle of the infrastructure. The operator can run these services across multiple sites and quickly root cause issues. A quick glance informs the operator of the health of the various sites and the infrastructure services.

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