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Redefine Routing

Redefining Routing

What if your network could scale anywhere with high performance, the cloud could improve your network operations and increase agility, and your network could be secured and protected by measuring, verifying, and enforcing the integrity of your network in real time? You can enjoy all this and more with Cisco 8000 Series routers, which deliver a breakthrough in high-performance routers by combining the Cisco revolutionary Silicon One™ Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), IOS® XR7 software, and a new platform design. Cisco’s innovations across silicon, optics, software, and systems facilitate high performance, high bandwidth, and low-power consumption without sacrificing any of the features you need.


The Cisco 8000 Series router is designed to benefit from the real-time analytics and operational insights delivered through Cisco Crosswork™ Cloud. Cloud-enhanced network automation means that these routers can reduce your operating costs. Cisco 8000 Series routers also enhance network security by helping you measure, audit, verify, and enforce the trustworthiness of your network infrastructure. Establish device integrity from boot time to run time, and prevent the execution of unvalidated or malicious software across your network.


With Cisco 8000 Series routers, you can lower your network costs with breakthrough density and unprecedented scale and efficiency, consolidating routers and reducing the total number of ports and optics. You can also maximize routing capacity with service provider–class functionality and high availability, while dramatically reducing per-bandwidth power consumption. Simplify your network operations; measure, audit, verify, and enforce the trustworthiness of your critical infrastructure; and enhance network security with 8000 Series routers.


Address even the most congested parts of your core network and address a broad range of bandwidth needs and facility requirements with the Cisco 8000 Series router fixed and modular chassis. Fixed platforms enable you to deploy a full-featured router in locations that traditionally required special accommodations for space, power, and cooling, while the modular platforms enable you to scale your network with fewer routers and ports required in a given location.


The Cisco 8000 Series delivers industry-leading capacity without compromising performance or requiring oversubscription. The routers have new power supplies, a redesigned cooling architecture, and connectors that anticipate future capacity expansion. Cisco also secures the supply chain of every system at manufacturing time, so you can be confident that the hardware you receive from Cisco has no counterfeit components, and advanced signing technology for the software establishes software integrity, enforcement, and measurement.


The Cisco 8000 Series routers are designed to benefit from the enhanced real-time analytics and operational insights delivered from Cisco Crosswork Cloud, including high-fidelity measurement, auditing, verification, and enforcement of network hardware and software trustworthiness; visibility and intelligence to assess network routing health; and an automated and cloud-based environment to accelerate new software deployment.


Cisco 8000 Series routers are cloud-enhanced systems that deliver the routing performance and functionality that scale to meet the needs of critical infrastructure. As a Cisco Gold Partner with FIVE Cisco Master specializations, GDT is the perfect partner to help you implement this new class of routing to support the Internet for the Future.


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