Hybrid Cloud

Incorporating experience and expertise to deliver the right cloud solution

Considering the benefits that moving to a hybrid cloud model delivers, it’s no surprise that almost 84% of the organizations surveyed said that they currently utilize a hybrid cloud strategy, according to a recent study.

GDT’s Cloud Team is vital to the success of your hybrid cloud strategy. Taking the guesswork and complexity out of a hybrid cloud strategy by designing a cloud roadmap for customers, which includes cloud readiness, migration, optimization and management, GDT Cloud experts turn customers’ hybrid cloud dreams into realities.

Designing and deploying innovative, business-driving IT solutions for a quarter century

GDT customizes IT solutions that simplify business processes and help customers enjoy greater agility, enhanced flexibility and higher profits. We digitally transform customers with our ever-present customer-first focus.

GDT's cloud experts designed and deployed a solution that perfectly addressed the customer's unique needs

GDT’s AWS Cloud solutions architects and engineers deployed a solution that enabled the client to get exactly what they’d hoped migrating to the Cloud would provide.

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GDT’s cloud experts perfectly orchestrate hybrid cloud solutions to include the right amounts of on- and off-premises private and public clouds.

Security solutions for hybrid infrastructures

GDT secures customer networks of all sizes with solutions for every type of deployment