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Cisco, T-Mobile Arena Setting the Curve for Tech in Sports

We aren’t breaking news when we tell you that it’s hot outside. But, perhaps no place was hotter than Las Vegas this month, where Cisco Live Las Vegas and the S.E.A.T. Conference went back-to-back with more heat than a pair of Drake dis tracks.

GDT’s contributions to and takeaway from the former have been well documented, but the latter – the sports and entertainment preeminent forums for making innovation real – was equally groundbreaking.

Over 1,000 executives and industry influencers joined together in a collaborative exploration of opportunities for technology’s transformation of the fan experience, addressing topics like mobility, analytics, digitization, and much more. If it’s true what they say, that innovation begins with insight, S.E.A.T. is the perfect setting to achieve just that – with industry leaders sharing best practices and striving to discover innovative technologies aimed towards enabling competitive advantages and/or new models for business.

The week prior, during Cisco Live, more than 28,000 tech pros kicked around the same opportunities across varying aspects of the private and public sectors. One prevailing theme was the need for a business to simply begin the digital journey. The sooner it does, the sooner it can begin enhancing the customer experience and driving business growth.

Who’s the next Airbnb? The next Lyft or Amazon? What technology will drive the digital transformation needed to capture the opportunity?

At S.E.A.T., Cisco’s Ken Martin co-hosted the “T-Mobile Arena – The Las Vegas Experience” tech tour and reception alongside industry pace-setters from MGM, AEG, and others. Those in attendance experienced the many ways in which digital experiences are being counted upon to create monetization opportunities and improve the guest experience.

T-Mobile Arena currently hosts premier concerts and events – from musicians like George Strait and Barbara Streisand, to sporting events like UFC 202. Now, it seems, T-Mobile Arena will lead Las Vegas into the realm of major professional sports in the United States as the host of Vegas’ expansion NHL team.

So, without further ado, check out Cisco’s latest video about the new high-tech, state of the art T-Mobile Arena.


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